‘SkyBase’ A Community Engagement Platform

Nov 27, 2018 | 42Gears Team

skybase community

Online engagement is essential for any business. Do customers have questions about your products? Do your services meet their demands? These questions are important and need to be heard. An online public engagement platform not only makes it easier for old, new or even potential users to engage with the company, it also gives an opportunity for participants to engage with each other. From trending topics to solving product issues, an online engagement platform can be the best resource tool for a company. 42Gears has launched SkyBase, a community engagement platform that allows customers and other MDM users to post questions, reply to other’s queries, get important feature updates, read blogs and stay updated on the latest enterprise mobility developments.


With SkyBase, you get:

Easy First-level Support

SkyBase offers first level point-of-support and help users with self-service functions of 42Gears solutions. From the initial stage of the customer purchase cycle to post-sales implementation, customers can post queries to avail quick solutions. It saves them the trouble of raising formal tickets with the tech support for every small requirement.

One-Stop Platform for All Community Members

SkyBase provides the community with one place to visit if they wish to participate in any discussion. It gives them the opportunity to post texts, videos, images and/or documents.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Improved communication and feedback sessions play a major role in building customer trust. SkyBase is an open platform that allows 42Gears to extend its technical support for the online community through a two-way dialogue. Interactions will include listening to and understanding customer issues, publishing important product information, promoting ideas and delivering answers.

Improve Participant Experience

SkyBase gives participants a better user experience by taking away the dependency of wading through multiple levels of support. People can come to one place to get relevant information and help, both from 42Gears as well as other participants. For customers, the evaluation of queries is quicker and follow up is faster.

The SkyBase platform provides a strong solution for customer engagement challenges. Offering a centralized place to engage with the entire 42Gears community, SkyBase creates a secure environment where the user’s feedback is valued and the conversation is guided.


Click here to join SkyBase community today!

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