Run scripts remotely on mobile devices [New SureMDM Feature]

We have added a powerful scripting support in SureMDM. You can write scripts to Run, activate, hide, close, kill programs, delete files. Many people use scripts to define pre and post install instructions such as deleting files after installing CAB files.

Examples: (There is no relation among the following commands)

Copy( “My documentstest.txt”, “Storagetext.txt” )
Rename( “oldname.txt” , “newname.txt”)
Delete( “abc.txt” )
CreateShortcut(“WindowsStart MenuTest.lnk”,”Test.exe”)

Scripts Jobs can be created in the SureMDM Web Console and then deployed to the mobile devices. Script commands are executed on the devices (using MortScript engine). Read this to learn what operations you can perform as scripts.

SureMDM is an On-demand mobile device management platform. You can experience SureMDM live demo at Learn more about the product here.

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