Retail Industry reaps benefits of Mobile Technology for higher Customer Engagement

Aug 03, 2015 | 42Gears Team


When it comes to retail industry, customer experience and satisfaction are of paramount importance. All retail chains and outlets vie for footfalls and store visits. A major part of the budget is spent on marketing, advertising and reinventing the in-store setup to make the overall shopping experience a pleasure.

Many retailers these days are introducing mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to engage with their customers. This is not only to enhance their retail experience, but also to equip them to compete with online retailers who are silently acquiring their customer base.

Installing dazzling digital displays with rich and relevant content, product information displays, interactive kiosks for customer feedback and follow ups have become common nowadays in retail stores.

How retailers are making use of mobile devices to increase customer engagement

  • Digital displays

Lack of large display area limits small retailers from showcasing all the variety of merchandise they have. Some of this limitation can be overcome using a tablet. Tablets used as digital displays are helping retailers with limited space to effectively showcase wide range of products they offer. Tablets are also being used to provide details of merchandise like type of fabric, process of manufacturing, different designs and available size or colour options.

  •  Kiosks used as self service

Retailers are deploying touch screen kiosks for shoppers as it gives them an intuitive option to explore, compare and purchase different products. Retail chains have created floor-stands that accommodate tablets and turn them into self-service solutions. They no longer need the guidance of assistants to find their way around a large store or find a specific product.

  • Tablets as Mobile Point of Sale devices

Mobile POS helps in streamlining operations which improves decision-making that ultimately leads to enhanced customer service. With the introduction of tablets as mobile POS devices, in-store payment process has become dynamic. Tablets provide retailers with additional functionalities such as, easy-to-upgrade software and data collection capabilities which the conventional POS devices did not possess.

  • Connected digital and physical experience

With the help of Near Field Communication technology, retailers are allowing in-store patrons to generate digital collections of all the things they interact with by making use of location based devices. By engaging digitally and increasing identification before check out, these retailers are able to create omni-channel customers. After customers leave the store, innovative predictive models use the data to intensify sales and customer engagement. CloudTags provides such a service to its retail customers.

  • Quick in-store service

Mobile devices when used with retail solutions have optimised the overall retail process flow from inventory control to staff coordination. This has brought down inter-staff miscommunication and delays, thus improving the overall customer experience and engagement.

Issues and challenges

Mobile devices are being deployed in large number all across retail stores. These devices can be for in-store visitors, staff or the back office employees. Unlike laptops and in-house computers which can be secured through servers, it is very difficult for retailers to keep business data and classified information safe on mobile devices.

Another unique problem which retailers face is about the data usage for an unattended device. It is difficult for retailers to monitor and control how the employees use the deployed mobile devices. This could contribute to service cost going up.

In scenarios where there are multiple devices deployed across a retail store or chain, updating content and settings on the devices is another challenge.

There are numerous mobile device management tools available, however most of them are not robust enough for structures like retail chains where there are multiple mobile devices to monitor and control.


With mobile lockdown solution like SureLock, which locks down users to only specific allowed applications and restricts access to device settings, it is possible to overcome challenges like tampering of devices, device misuse and unauthorised use of unintended functions or applications.

In order to update content remotely and to manage multiple devices, device management solution like SureMDM can be employed which is a simple web-based application. SureMDM also offers functions to locate, track and monitor deployed mobile devices as well as wipe out all classified data from the device in case of theft and loss of device.

To read more about SureLock and download a trial, click here.

To read more about SureMDM and register for a 30 day trial, click here.

For any technical assistance or queries, click here.

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