Save money by using Remote Control software for smartphones

The Problem
Sometimes, as an IT support specialist, you might find yourself to be in situations where end users need your support in troubleshooting problems with their mobile devices or smartphones. Traditional approach would be to pick up the phone and call the user and ask him/her to follow your instructions like, tap on this button, select that checkbox and so on. If the mobile users are not tech-savvy enough then you cannot be sure if they are properly following your instructions. Ensuing confusion can be frustrating to you as well as to the person at the other end.

A simple example:
Say a mobile user wants to know how she can save a website address as a favorite in her Smartphone. She calls you, the best IT support guy in the company, for help. You ask her to launch phone’s browser, tap on the Menu button on the command bar and select Add to Favorites menu item. She launches the browser but she can’t find the menu item to save the current page as a favorite. And you think “WIGOIT” (“What is going on in there”). After 15 minutes, you finally figured out that she was using Opera browser and not Internet Explorer. You were giving her wrong instructions!

Remote Control Software to the rescue!
To prove that you still are the best IT guy ever, you decide to use Remote Control software for mobile devices, similar to the way you use remote administration tools to control desktop PCs. Seriously speaking, no time or effort would have been wasted in the previous scenario if you could remotely connect and take control of the user’s device and demonstrate how to add the website address as a favorite.

SureRC is a Remote Administration software for controlling Windows Mobile devices over wireless networks. SureRC is compatible with most of the latest VNC viewer programs. If you already have a VNC Viewer program installed on your desktop then you are ready to remotely control the mobile device screen using the desktop keyboard and mouse.

SureRC Features:

• Works with RealVNC Viewer or other VNC compatible viewer programs on the desktop
• Activate remote control by sending SMS to the device: If the device is unattended or suspended, you can send a special command message (an SMS) to the device. On SMS reception the device will wake up and connect with the VNC viewer program running on the desktop.
• Efficient performance on slow networks (ZRLE Compression)
• VNC Authentication support

You can download the trial version of SureRC from the following webpage.

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