Our new product: SureCop Anti-Theft Security and Location Tracking Software for Windows Mobile phones

Sep 21, 2010 | 42Gears Team

42Gears has released SureCop 1.0, a new anti-theft security and location tracking solution for Windows Mobile phones. SureCop provides three useful features to safeguard your lost or stolen phone: Remote Lock, Remote Wipe and Location tracking on map. SureCop also has features for everyday personal use, such as sharing personal location with friends and family members.

Smartphones have made life easy and productive. But these benefit comes with the risk of putting our personal and sensitive data vulnerable to phone loss.

Studies have shown that a mobile phone is 15 times more likely to get stolen or lost than a laptop computer. With SureCopsmartphone owners can take proactive actions which can help in recovering the lost/stolen phone or at-least safeguard the private data from falling into wrong hands.

Remote Lock feature of SureCop can be activated by sending a simple SMS message from a partner phone. Phone can then be unlocked only by entering the correct password. Lock also gets activated automatically if someone changes the SIM card. New phone number and IMSI details are sent to the partner phone which can be used to identify the thief.

Remote Wipe feature protects owner’s privacy by erasing all data on the mobile phone’s main memory and external SD card. Everything including pictures, emails, text messages, contacts and other user data is wiped and the phone goes back to factory default state.

Remote Location tracking SMS command can help in locating the lost/stolen phone on Google maps. It works even on Smartphones without built-in GPS.

All these remote commands can be invoked by sending a simple SMS from a partner phone.

Apart from the above anti-theft security features, SureCop also has interesting features for everyday personal use. e.g. Users can conveniently send their GPS location to their family and friends. With Send My Location feature, a SMS message with map url is sent to the recipients which they view on their phone’s browser.

SureCop is completely unobtrusive with very small memory footprint. SureCop doesn’t drain battery as it runs only when certain events occur.

SureCop Manager is a free tool which helps easily manage multiple smartphones. SureCop Manager is particularly useful for enterprise users who need to manage large number of phones.

Trial version of SureCop for Windows Mobile is available at http://www.surecop.com.

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