Organize allowed websites into Categories in SureFox Kiosk Browser for Android

SureFox is a lock-down web browser for Android which allows the end-user to access only the allowed websites. You might have to allow couple of web pages varying from Customer Support to Employee Reports in your enterprise or it can be an online restaurant menu featuring multi-cuisine dishes. SureFox v3.0 allows you to organize the list of allowed websites into Categories.


SureFox Categories

SureFox Categories

HOW TO : Create Categories in SureFox

  1. Go to SureFox Settings
  2. Tap on “Manage Categories”
  3. Tap on “Add” to create a new category
  4. Tap on any existing category to Rename or Delete it.
Manage Categories in SureFox

Manage Categories in SureFox

HOW TO : Add allowed websites to Categories

Assign Categories for allowed websites in SureFox

Assign Categories for allowed websites in SureFox

  1. Tap on “Allowed website” in SureFox settings
  2. Tap on the allowed website to which you want to assign a category
  3. Tap on “Assign Category” to open the list of categories(Shown in figure above)
  4. Select the category of your choice.
  5. That’s it. The selected website will be visible within the category you selected
Note: When a category is deleted, all the websites within that category will be brought back to SureFox homepage.

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