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Minimize the Impact of Device Maintenance on Productivity by Configuring a Device Maintenance Window

Apr 17, 2024 | Nareddy Saivikas Reddy

As an IT admin, you spend a significant amount of time updating (installing/uninstalling) applications on corporate-owned devices, transferring essential corporate files, updating OS versions, and more (referred to as Jobs in SureMDM). In organizations with thousands of employees, performing these tasks during work hours might hamper worker productivity. To address this, SureMDM now has a Device Maintenance Window for Android devices. 

With this update, IT admins can configure a maintenance schedule window, which can be daily, weekly, monthly, or a custom range. Once the maintenance window is defined, all scheduled jobs will be executed within that time interval, so employees can work without having to worry about ad-hoc updates. This feature relies on the device's local time for executing the maintenance activity. For instance, if a maintenance activity is set for 8:00 AM every Sunday, it will only execute when the device's clock reads 8:00 AM on a Sunday. If the scheduled jobs cannot be executed within their scheduled window, they are deployed in the next scheduled window.

Configuring a device maintenance window ensures minimal disruption for end users during working hours. 

Schedule your device maintenance window

Industry Use-cases

  • Warehouse and Logistics: By minimizing device downtime for maintenance during work hours, employees can focus on inventory management tasks without distractions. This reduction in idle time leads to increased productivity and operational efficiency. 
  • Retail: Configuring the device maintenance window during off-peak hours reduces disruption, thus enhancing the customer experience.  
  • Education: To minimize disruption during learning, admins can schedule the device maintenance window to be after school hours. 
  • Hospitality: Scheduling content updates to digital signages or information kiosks for specific times allows admins to deliver the latest relevant information without disrupting viewer experience.


To summarize, the device maintenance window allows admins to schedule a maintenance window during off-peak hours only. This not only helps minimize device downtime but also prevents disrupting end users during working hours.

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