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Manage Android TV Devices for Digital Signage

Aug 17, 2017 | 42Gears Team

Android TV Devices as Digital Signage

A digital display technology that is used to showcase content is referred to as "digital signage”. Digital signage may include LED walls or LCD monitors that can be used to display marketing messages, menus, videos, directions, and images. Common use cases for digital signage include displaying advertisements, news, product information, etc. to capture customer attention. Signage can be placed in stores, trade shows, and any high traffic area to deliver a specific message. Screening devices such as TV boxes and TV sticks are commonly used for this purpose. These devices transform a regular TV or display monitor into a smart TV via an HDMI connection.

A plethora of TV boxes are available on the market today. One of 42Gears’ clients chose Minix Neo X9 TV boxes as their hardware. Neo X9 brings the Android experience to the screen, including 1080p streaming, web browsing, and much more. When paired up with a monitor, the Neo X9 can provide video content through playback.

42Gears’ digital signage product SureVideo offers a way to play videos in a loop and, at the same time, secures the TV box against tampering attempts. The audience will only see what you want them to see, free from any interruption. Using SureVideo, you can effectively deliver content to your target audiences and prevent any unwanted disruption.

In many cases, the video content and the mobile devices are not located in the same area. They can be spread across hundreds of locations. As the number of devices and locations increases, so does the difficulty of managing the video content and the Android TVs as well. Troubleshooting a device usually requires traveling to the location, which is costly and time consuming.

You can use SureMDM to manage a large number of mobile digital signage devices. With a click of a button, the administrator can deploy the selected video playlists to all devices. SureMDM also offers remote control and app deployment functionalities. With a device's screen mirrored, you can remotely control the device as if it were in front of you. The user can also silently install and update software and apps on multiple devices with a single click.

42Gears often works with hardware manufacturers to provide customers with the ideal combination of devices integrated seamlessly with 42Gears’ software. While SureMDM’s remote control and silent installation functionalities work on certain mobile devices, additional permissions granted by the manufacturer are required to unlock these capabilities. 42Gears has worked with major companies such as Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Blackberry, and Panasonic to make sure our software and their hardware are utilized to their fullest capabilities.

With Minix Neo X9 devices, remote control was not possible out of the box. Minix and 42Gears teams worked together to provide additional support for SureMDM.

Manufacturers of digital signage hardware aim to ensure that their customers are satisfied and that they continue buying their products. They can achieve this by supporting SureVideo and SureMDM on their platforms.If you are an Android TV box manufacturer, we would love to partner with you. Click here to learn how a collaboration can benefit both of us.

Convert your Android TVs into digital signage.

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