Launching Calendar, Tasks and Contacts applications

Aug 18, 2009 | 42Gears Team

If you have used Remote Window option in Remote Manager tool in SureLock Studio, you would have noticed that windowspoutlook.exe is the executable that is responsible for showing calendar, tasks and contacts windows. There are no 3 different applications. How is this achieved?

Well…all the magic occurs by way of commandline parameter. Parameter passed to poutlook.exe determines which of the above three will be launched. Here are the parameters:

To launch Contacts application:

windowspoutlook.exe contacts

To launch Calendar application:

windowspoutlook.exe calendar

To launch Tasks application:

windowspoutlook.exe tasks

If you want to launch any of the above in a device locked down by SureLock, then you must specify
proper parameter in application entry screen in SureLock Studio. Launching windowspoutlook.exe without any parameter will not do anything.

Launch Calendar application (Change parameter for tasks and contacts)

Launch Calendar application (Change parameter for tasks and contacts)

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