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Introducing 42Gears Academy – Your Platform to Empowering Mobile Device Management Professionals

Oct 06, 2023 | 42Gears Team

Mobile devices are the backbone of enterprise operations, and managing them efficiently has become an important objective for organizations across industries. With the surge in digital transformation initiatives, organizations are now actively seeking robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. Recognizing this need, 42Gears presents its innovative partner-enablement platform - the 42Gears Academy, an e-learning hub tailored for professionals keen on mastering the art of mobile device management.

Why choose 42Gears Academy?

Digital transformation is steering enterprise mobility into uncharted territories, demanding companies to adopt sophisticated MDM solutions. At 42Gears Academy, the focus is on empowering channel partners with comprehensive knowledge and expertise in leveraging the full potential of SureMDM, 42Gears’ flagship MDM solution.

The benefits of choosing 42Gears Academy are as follows:

  1. In-Depth, Specialized Courses: The academy provides meticulously crafted courses designed specifically for Sales and Technical professionals. These courses delve deep into the nuances of MDM, ensuring a robust understanding of the subject matter.
  2. Self-Paced Learning: Flexibility is key. The self-paced learning model allows professionals to master new concepts at their convenience, accommodating even the busiest schedules.
  3. Comprehensive Assessments: Each module culminates with a module-end quiz. This approach ensures better concept retention, preparing professionals for real-world scenarios.
  4. Recognized Certifications: Upon the successful completion of a course, professionals receive course-completion certifications. These certifications validate their training and expertise in 42Gears solutions, enhancing their professional credentials significantly.

What are the courses offered by the 42Gears Academy Program?

The 42Gears Academy Program offers specialized courses that cater to two distinct profiles: Sales and Technical professionals.

1. Sales Track:

   - UEM Essentials: This foundational module covers the basics of mobile device management. It sheds light on the current challenges faced in enterprise mobility and how an MDM solution like SureMDM can address these issues effectively.

   - SureMDM Foundation: This module is aimed at both sales and technical professionals. It equips learners with fundamental skills required to manage and monitor enterprise devices using SureMDM. Topics in this module include sign-up processes, console overview, and device enrollment procedures.

2. Technical Track:

   - SureMDM Professional: Accessible only after successful completion of the SureMDM Foundation course, this module focuses on the technical functionalities of SureMDM. It equips technical professionals with in-depth knowledge, and the technical skills necessary for implementing SureMDM across different customer use cases.

   - SureMDM Expert: Unlocked after completing the SureMDM Professional course, this module explores advanced features like enterprise integrations, custom reports, and mobile threat defense. Successfully completing this module signifies that the professional possesses the necessary expertise in SureMDM to manage and secure business endpoints effectively.

How to get started

Enrolling in the 42Gears Academy program can open up new learnings and opportunities in mobile device management. To get started, interested individuals can register on the platform by clicking here, and once they complete registration, they can access the courses, progress through the modules, and upon successful completion, earn certifications that not only validate their expertise but also expand their professional network.

42Gears Academy is a great opportunity for professionals who are seeking to stay ahead in the dynamic field of mobile device management. By imparting comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, this platform ensures that professionals are well-equipped to meet the challenges posed by the ever-changing landscape of enterprise mobility. For those looking to navigate the intricate web of mobile device management successfully, 42Gears Academy is the ultimate guide, illuminating the path to expertise and excellence.

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