Installation and Setup of SureMDM Device Agent on Android devices

Sep 27, 2012 | 42Gears Team

Applies to:
Product SureMDM
Platform Android

SureMDM Device Agent also known as SureMDM Nix is a part of SureMDM Solution and is installed on the mobile devices (Phones & Tablets). This agent communicates with the SureMDM Server over any data network. This agent is responsible for updating device information and executing instructions sent by the server.

SureMDM Nix is very light weight and easy to configure on Android devices.

Follow below mentioned steps to configure SureMDM Nix:

1. Install Nix on your Android device.

2. Once installed, launch SureMDM Nix on the device and tap on Get Started to start the configuration

Getting Started with SureMDM Nix

3. Enter your SureMDM Account ID and tap on Register button

Note: In case you haven’t registered yet, you can create a new trial account using Sign-up now button or by clicking here. In case of SureMDM On-premise version, enter 1 as SureMDM Account ID.

SureMDM Account ID screen

4. Skip to the stepif you are using SaaS version of SureMDM. If you are using an On-Premise version of SureMDM, Nix prompts you to enter the Server Address where SureMDM Server is running.

SureMDM Server Path screen

5. SureMDM checks if the server path is correct and is reachable. Tap on Continue.

Server Accessibility Screen

6. Configure the Device Name

Configure Device Name for SureMDM

You can choose from the following options:

      1. Manually enter the device name
      2. Use device’s IMEI number(*Available only on phone devices)
      3. Use device’s MAC address(*Available only on WiFi enabled devices)
      4. Use a system-generated name

7. Tap on Set Device Name to continue.

8. SureMDM will prompt you to activate it as Device Administrator. This is important for remote management of device such as security and job policies.

Activate SureMDM Nix as device administrator

Once the initial setup is over, SureMDM Nix will connect with the server and you can start managing your mobile devices remotely. The following screen helps you understand different states of the agent:

Understanding SureMDM Nix

You can tap on Settings button to change the settings.


To learn more about SureMDMclick here.

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