Relocate Application Icons on SureLock Home Screen using Drag & Drop Action

pplies to:
Product SureLock 
Platform Android

SureLock  now lets you create custom layouts on the Home Screen by rearranging the icon position using drag and drop action. This feature gives you the option to keep the icons arrangement simple or show off using innovative ways.


Here’s how you can enable the feature in SureLock:

  1. Access SureLock Admin Settings
  2. On SureLock Admin Settings screen, tap on SureLock Settings
  3. On SureLock Settings screen, tap and enable the Allow Icon Relocation option
  4. Tap on Done to complete and go back to SureLock Home Screen

Once back on SureLock Home Screen, tap and hold an icon to make it active (represented by green background) and use drag and drop action to place it on the desired location.

You can repeat the above procedure for landscape and portrait orientation. SureLock preserves separate icon arrangement for Landscape and Portrait modes.

Tip: After rearranging icons on SureLock, you can lock them to these positions by disabling the Allow Icon Relocation option. This also prevents end-users from making any further changes to the layout.

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