How User Experience is Defining Digital Workplace Services

Jan 17, 2019 | 42Gears Team

How User Experience is Defining Digital Workplace Services

The term Digital Workplace isn’t a buzzword anymore. Organizations are already transforming traditional setups into modern and more enabling workplaces, here and now. And considering the pace at which people consume and adapt to technology these days, service providers are gearing up fast to do their bidding.

Today, a lot depends on what motivates employees to drive productivity, what kind of access rights they are entitled to in an integrated environment, which collaborative platforms are used to ensure easy deployment or offer support, whether automation and analytical tools are being used to ensure an enabling and consistent experience, etc. In short, the user is at the heart of everything. Precisely why user experience is the primary criteria for evaluating digital workplace services.

Emerging technologies, such as AR/VR, wearables, HoloLens, etc., are adding a new dimension to user experience, making meeting user expectations more difficult than ever before. Organizations are trying to create a frictionless, personalized workplace to enable an extremely savvy, capable and demanding workforce. And this is what digital workplace services are expected to deliver against.

Plus, despite the obvious benefits of a digital workplace for both employees and enterprises, there’s a host of challenges the transition to a digital workplace poses:

  • Ensuring tighter and more effective security controls
  • Managing the change in status-quo as well as the IT infrastructure
  • Providing a means to help users learn and unlearn easily
  • Offering insights to help enterprises rethink opportunities and strategies

Innovative solutions support and empower employees

As a phenomenon, the transformation to a digital workplace is sustainable, its focal point being enabling employees to work productively and efficiently – anytime, anywhere. So, workplace service providers are offering innovative solutions that support and empower employees to enhance their individual work styles. And how are they doing it? Let’s take a look.

– Managed Workplace Services: It’s a suite of technologies that create personalized, contextualized and consistent user experiences at scale. It helps enterprises bring systems, information and people together in a secure, connected environment to drive productivity, agility, and flexibility through Cloud Managed Workplace Services (digital services delivered via cloud), Virtual Workforce Services (managed end-user virtualization services)and Managed Workplace Services (centrally-provisioned on-premise managed services).

– Proactive Service Desks: Powered by AI, these are smart, ubiquitous service desks that can do more than resolve problems. They are designed to identify underlying causes and potential impact of usual/critical issues, so they can prevent them from occurring (in the future) and mitigate their impact.

– Intelligent Engineering: This means providing proactive support focused on business outcomes. It involves leveraging analytics to predict potential problems and solving them through automation before they can cause any noticeable damage, ensuring there are no outages. Intelligent, thoughtful engineering help reduce resolution time, incident rates and downtime.

Organizations exploring options such as these must choose a holistic solution that’s capable of managing the scores of touchpoints that these digital workplaces depend on. 42Gears UEM can help enterprises provide security and control over all such business endpoints, both old and new.

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