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How much time to get up and running with SureLock?

Jul 01, 2010 | 42Gears Team

Well..just did a quick test. I was able lock down a “fresh” Windows Mobile device in less than a minute, 54 seconds to be precise. Following steps were taken (Note: SureLock Studio was already installed on the desktop):

  • Launched SureLock Studio
  • Clicked New button on the toolbar to create a new project
  • Added Internet Explorer as allowed application
  • Clicked Build button to generate the CAB file
  • Clicked Install button on the toolbar to transfer CAB file to the mobile device (connected with the desktop over ActiveSync) and installation was started automatically
  • Once CAB installation was completed, SureLock started on the device locking it down to just Internet Explorer

Project creation and CAB building took 15 secs whereas installation took remaining 39 seconds.

Once the CAB has been built, we just have to install it on other handhelds as long as there is no change in the kiosk configuration which will require building the CAB file again.

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