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Administrators have role-based privileges in SureMDM

Jul 06, 2010 | 42Gears Team

Our latest Mobile Device Management platform SureMDM supports role-based administration. Whenever a user is created, it is assigned a user type depending on the user’s role. Following are the available user types:

  • Super User
  • Admin User
  • Help-desk User
  • Manager User
  • End User

Super User
Super User is created during system installation and is the first and most powerful user in the system. A Super User can perform all tasks (Complete user and device management).

Admin User
Admin User is created by a Super User and can do all device management activities.

Help-desk User
Help-desk User can only perform remote support of mobile devices. They cannot perform other device management activities like installing apps on the mobile devices or adding/deleting the devices from the system etc.

Manager User
Manager User can view the list of mobile devices which are allocated to his/her team members. Besides, a manager can also track a worker’s location on the map.

End User
End User is basically the user who is using the mobile device. End user can log into SureMDM and can issue remote wipe command in case a device is lost, can try to locate the device or view the call-log among other information.

SureMDM is in private beta. If you are interested in a demo, drop us a line at

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