Feature Checklist of Mobile Device Management tools

Nov 26, 2009 | 42Gears Team

Mobile Device Management (MDM) refers to the approaches or solutions used by companies to remotely manage their mobile devices (PDAs, Smartphones, Laptops, Netbooks). Variety of devices involved pose a big challenge for anyone who intends to implement a Mobile Device Management Solution. In fact, a single solution may never fully satisfy the all the requirements. Hybrid solutions (multiple solutions from different vendors doing complimentary tasks) is a common approach that is used to solve this problem.

Here is a checklist of features that a typical Mobile Device Management solution should have:

* Remotely initiated Software Installation

* Remotely initiated Software Un-installation

* Device Inventory tracking (Including Firmware versions and information about various hardware components)

* Software Inventory tracking (Including OS versions and versions of installed third-party applications)

* Backup and Restore of critical business data

* Control user access to certain approved applications and features only

* Physical Device Tracking with GPS (View the device location on a map)

* Remote locking in case of attempts for unauthorized access

* Remote Wipe in case of attempts for unauthorized access

* Remote Control for administrative purposes (Remotely view device screen and perform user actions like mouse clicks or stylus taps)

* Device Health Check (Alerts and manual detection of issues)

* Gather Device Data for Audit purposes (e.g. Call Log Information, Information on SMS and Network usage etc.)

* Capability to send Alerts and Messages to mobile users

* Generate Reports

All of the above features can be further classified into various sub-features. That makes it really hard for any one solution to solve the Mobile Device Management problem. 42Gears is also attempting to solve this problem by developing multiple tools such as SureLock, AirLink and WipeMyDevice.

42Gears develops mobile device management tools for enterprises. Read more information about our products here.