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How to Remote Wipe your Windows Mobile devices?

Device security is one of the prime concerns why companies deploy mobile device management solutions such as SureMDM. An important requirement is the capability to remotely wipe the critical business data (hopefully all data) residing on the device incase of loss or theft. Remote Wipe is also known as Remote Kill. 42Gears mobile device management…

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6 advantages of using a cloud-based Mobile Device Management solution

Traditionally mobile device management has been done using On-Premise solutions. Recently there has been a shift in how companies especially small and medium sized ones have started managing their fleet of mobile devices and their mobile workers. Modern way to approach this problem is to use cloud-based mobile device management solutions (e.g. SureMDM). Following are…

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Run scripts remotely on mobile devices [New SureMDM Feature]

We have added a powerful scripting support in SureMDM. You can write scripts to Run, activate, hide, close, kill programs, delete files. Many people use scripts to define pre and post install instructions such as deleting files after installing CAB files. Examples: (There is no relation among the following commands) Copy( “My documentstest.txt”, “Storagetext.txt” )…

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SureMDM Remote Help-desk Solution

SureMDM On-demand has extensive support for providing help-desk support to end-user mobile devices. Features include: 1. View device screen when the device is away in the field. 2. Use keyboard and mouse to interact with the device 3. File explorer to add, remove, delete and launch files and applications 4. Process Viewer to view running…

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SureCop: Anti-theft for Windows Mobile just got better

Latest version of SureCop, our Anti-theft solution has been released with an important improvement. It now has better support for handling various phone number formats. If the phone is not responding to SMS commands from partner phones even if the correct password is specified, you should try out the latest version. Download is available from…

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Windows Mobile 6.1 Kiosk Mode

If you want to convert a Windows Mobile 6.1 handheld into kiosk mode, you can try out SureLock Studio. You can download and evaluate the fully functional version for 30 days. With SureLock, you can easily lock down Windows Mobile devices into kiosk mode. This ensures the users can only use certain applications and features…

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Garbage Collection in Windows Mobile and Low memory conditions

Garbage collector is a piece of code responsible for allocating and freeing unreferenced objects in a managed application. Garbage collection operation is invoked whenever: the application calls GC.Collect() method CLR cannot allocate memory for an object the application loses focus and goes to the background the system sends WM_HIBERNATE message to the managed application If…

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Understanding Windows Mobile Application Security Policies

Execution of programs on Windows Mobile devices depends on the application signatures and their permission levels. Devices can be configured to the following security settings. Security off Unsigned applications are allowed to run without any prompt and they can access privileged APIs, or protected areas of the registry and file system. One-tier prompt The device…

Read More reviews SureCop has done a complete review of SureCop. Here is the link: To learn more about SureCop for Windows Mobile and how it can protect your mobile phone, please visit Share this:

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Find your phone with SureCop’s Shout Aloud feature

Shout Aloud is a neat little feature in SureCop that you can use to play a loud ringer on your lost phone. This is very useful if you have misplaced your phone in the house or somewhere else. Shout Aloud works even if the lost phone is in silent or vibrate mode. To learn more…

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