Best approach to deploying a Mobile Device Management system

The company leadership has identified the need for a system to effectively manage mobile devices in your organization. As the best IT guy around here you have been given the mandate to roll-out the system. You obviously will start looking for solutions in the market that can solve the problem for you. But there are…

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Save money by using Remote Control software for smartphones

The Problem Sometimes, as an IT support specialist, you might find yourself to be in situations where end users need your support in troubleshooting problems with their mobile devices or smartphones. Traditional approach would be to pick up the phone and call the user and ask him/her to follow your instructions like, tap on this…

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SureRC : Remote Administration tool for Windows mobile devices

We have released a new tool SureRC, a remote control and support software for Windows Mobile devices. It lets administrators take remote control of mobile devices and interact with the device using PC mouse and keyboard. SureRC works over TCP/IP networks (WiFi, Wired, GPRS, 3G). You can download the trial version from the SureRC product…

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