Announcing SureFox for iOS! Highly customizable iPad Kiosk Browser

Sep 15, 2013 | 42Gears Team

After delivering a very popular kiosk browser solution for Android platform, we are pleased to announce that the same highly customizable solution is now available on iOS powered iPad tablets – SureFox for iOS

Safari is a good browser but it lacks key features making it unsuitable for use in kiosk environment. It does not allow whitelisting of websites, address bar is always available along with many other consumer’ish features.

At the very least SureFox for iOS overcomes these issues. It also has many other features including rapid deployment of kiosk web applications across multiple iPad devices. Coupled with Guided Access mode, SureFox for iOS can provide a secure iPad Kiosk Browser for your web application.

SureFox for iOS Key Features:

  • Lockdown iPad into kiosk mode
  • Restrict users to only allowed websites, local webpages and files
  • Comprehensive HTML5 support
  • Customizable SureFox Homescreen
  • Password protected access to Browser Settings
  • Run browser in Full Screen Mode
  • Automatically load website on startup
  • Export and Import Settings for easy configuration
  • Idle Timeout for auto redirection
  • Options for Private and Offline Browsing
  • Detect network connect/disconnect and auto-load home page

SureFox for iOS can be downloaded from App Store

Download SureFox for iOS

Download SureFox for iOS

SureFox for iOS Lite version can be downloaded from App Store

Download SureFox for iOS Lite

Download SureFox for iOS Lite


Let us know your feedback. We are listening.

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