A Sign of the Times: Digital Signage in 2021

May 06, 2021 | 42Gears Team

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an extremely efficient medium of communication, though its use has only been limited for advertising purposes, until now. As businesses eventually adjust to a post-COVID world, they must keep employees safe without disrupting employee workflows. This is where digital signage can make a positive impact.

Digital signage solutions allow businesses to broadcast emergency notifications consistently across multiple locations. Organizations can update messaging as often as necessary, from the safety of a remote location.

Whether on a shop floor, in an office, or in a manufacturing facility,  businesses can use digital signage to communicate health and sanitation protocols to employees as they return to their workplaces.

Let’s take a look at a few uses of digital signage that have emerged during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ensuring safety of employees in the workplace

Digital signage (and interactive devices that function as signage when idle) can educate employees about standard safety procedures that should be practiced at the workplace. IT admins can play awareness videos in a loop on various devices in warehouses or manufacturing facilities, ensuring employees on break stay aware of responsible health practices.

Even in hospitals, digital signage can be utilized to help display health, safety and hygiene related messages for visitors and caregivers. It can easily be updated with messages as and when required.

Navigating patients through wayfinding systems in hospitals

It can be overwhelming for patients to find the right part of a hospital when requiring emergency care. Digital signage can help direct patients to certain parts of the hospital, such as the screening room. Wayfinding digital signage systems installed throughout hospitals can also help reduce congestion and ensure patients do not enter restricted areas.

Digital communications

Essential retail operations can leverage digital signage to minimize contagion risk for customers. Businesses can display product availability, remind customers of product purchase limits, and provide any other information customers need to know. This information can calm customers and prevent panic, guiding customers to quickly find what they need, check out efficiently, and prevent long lines.

Queue management

In stores and restaurants, digital signage can help display estimated waiting times to customers.  This can allow the authorities control the inflow and outflow of customers in these places and restrict large gatherings.

Enabling contactless check-ins

Digital signage can be used at airports, hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, offices, restaurants and hotels to enable contactless check-ins, which emphasizes minimum touch and minimum exposure between anyone involved.

This helps organizations restrict the spread of coronavirus.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, many organizations have deployed innovative digital signage products to help combat the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, NoviSign Digital Signage has introduced a digital signage kiosk which includes an integrated hand sanitizer. This ensures that the kiosk is completely sanitized and safe to touch.


One of the biggest advantages of using digital signage during a crisis is that admins can instantly update messaging, allowing real-time updates. It can also save businesses thousands of dollars by using devices that are idle and not investing on a separate digital signage solution. 

Businesses looking to deploy digital signage solutions with the aim of enriching the in-store customer experience and driving sales can try SureVideo, a secure digital signage solution from 42Gears. SureVideo offers a cost-effective solution by converting any Android, iOS or Windows device into digital signage. Devices managed with SureVideo can be centrally controlled and can be used for delivering targeted content.

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