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5 Ways Hospitality Industry is Embracing Tablets to Enhance Customer Experience

Apr 21, 2015 | 42Gears Team


Hospitality Industry is always on the lookout for ways to enhance customer experience. This industry can truly exploit the potential of tablets and smart devices, thanks to the number of touch points it has with customers. Smart mobile devices in Hospitality Industry provide the opportunity to go green, increase efficiency and make guest experience memorable.

Through our interaction with players in the Hospitality Industry, we see the following trends in which benefits are being drawn from the use of Tablets:

1.  Menus in Restaurants

Many upscale restaurants make use of tablets for menu. The menus are made interactive by putting pictures of how the dish looks and how it is prepared. For example, customers have the option of choosing how they want their meat to be cooked. Once the order is placed, customers get to know the estimated time in which the food will be served.

2.  At Front Desk

Many hotels place a tablet on the front desk for guests to know about the hotel facility while they are waiting for check in formalities to be completed. This is a good way of using the wait time and sharing information with guests. Good video content and interactive information sharing leave the guests impressed.

3.  Infotainment During Hotel Stay

Guests are given tablets at the time of check in. These tablets have options like room service, menu details, applications to book appointments for various facilities within the hotel like spa, taxi booking, request concierge for a print-out, schedule wake-up calls among other things.

4.  At Lobby

The lobby of a good hotel or a restaurant sees a lot of traffic. The norm has been to place newspapers and magazines for the waiting visitors or customers. However, this experience is immensely enhanced by placing tablets in the lobby. Videos and offers are shown on it for effective marketing.

5.  As Feedback Forms

Customers in restaurants are being asked to share their feedback on Tablets. Filling physical forms is passé. A touch screen seeking inputs is a joy and customers are more than willing to rate the service.

Issues and challenges

The above use cases are beneficial and contribute to customer experience. Use of tablets in organizations bring up challenges around their misuse by the staff, tampering of settings by the users and the constant need of ensuring their uptime. Managing a large number of devices deployed across a facility is a big challenge.


The challenges of device misuse and tampering of settings can be solved using device lockdown solutions. Organizations the world over widely use SureLock from 42Gears for their device lockdown requirements. SureLock works seamlessly with SureMDM which is a platform for managing mobile devices remotely. Together, these products have been deployed by many organisations in the Hospitality Industry.

To know more about attending to challenges related to mobile device lockdown and management in the Hospitality Industry, contact us at .

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