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42Gears Products Offer Zero-Day Support for Android 14

Oct 05, 2023 | 42Gears Team

Google annually unveils a fresh version of Android, incorporating features tailored for end users, developers, and enterprises. This year, Google officially launched Android 14, the most recent version, on 4th October, 2023. Android 14, the much-awaited version, brings forth a series of enhancements and refinements. It's not just end consumers who are eagerly waiting for the launch, even the businesses are gearing up to leverage the capabilities of Android 14. We all know that, when there are new enhancements, it can impact the end-user experience and might force businesses to redefine their mobility strategies. To offer uninterrupted services, 42Gears decided to hop in and ensure that our products are compatible with Android 14. 

Are 42Gears Products ready?

Yes, 42Gears products like SureMDM and SureLock are Zero-day ready to make them compatible with the new Android version. Our products SureMDM Agent v27.28.11 and SureLock v21.28.11 builds are fully compatible with Android 14. 

We recommend the IT administrators to upgrade their devices to Android 14 and ensure security of the device. 42Gears is committed to provide seamless mobility through its UEM solution SureMDM.

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