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42Gears Helps Lander Medical Secure Patient Feedback Tablets

Oct 22, 2018 | 42Gears Team


Patient feedback and surveys conducted by healthcare centers are crucial in assessing the quality of care they provide. For a hospital, it can highlight areas of improvement to ensure swift, reliable and patient-centric healthcare services. These surveys can provide patients a platform to express their views and opinions about caregivers, facilities and management.

About Lander Medical

The Lander Medical Clinic and Western Family Care are together a large multi-specialty group, emphasizing on primary care. Their physicians and nurses practice Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and Urgent Care in a caring and trusted environment. The vision of Lander Medical Clinic and Western Family Care is to consistently meet the changing healthcare needs and expectations of the communities they serve in Fremont County, WY.

The Challenge

Lander Medical Clinic (LMC) uses tablets to gather feedback from their patients. While conducting surveys, it is important to protect patient privacy.

As patient health records are highly confidential data, LMC wanted to ensure that:

  1. Devices are not misused.
  2. Data is not leaked when an employee carries it outside the building.
  3. Device camera is not misused.
  4. Patients are not able to exit the feedback application.
  5. Patients are not able to access device settings.
  6. Survey devices are not used to access other apps or the internet.

LMC also wanted to prevent any experimental download of malware and other illegal content on the devices by the clinic staff which could compromise patients’ digital records.

The Solution

The team at Lander Medical Clinic initially tried to adjust tablet settings and considered creating a kiosk in the clinic, but protecting health records of patients while meeting the regulatory requirements was still a concern. This led them to look out for a solution which would safeguard patient data. Lander Medical Clinic chose 42Gears UEM solution to secure patient data on feedback tablets. A dedicated professional at 42Gears was appointed to help the IT Pro at LMC with the onboarding process. The overall implementation was completed within a few hours.

Kiosk solution: This feature helps LMC to prevent the misuse of the devices and ensure access to only allowed application and settings.

Remote Control: LMC uses this feature to remotely access the device settings and enforce restriction based policies. Also, they can now remotely support these devices to diagnose and troubleshoot technical concerns.

Telecom Management: Monitor and manage cellular data to achieve complete visibility into mobile data bills.

Lander Medical Clinic valued being able to manage the settings on all devices remotely and allow access to only feedback application.


42Gears UEM solution has not only improved the quality of patient care offered by LMC, it’s also helped to boost the overall productivity of IT Pros as well.

42Gears UEM solution enabled Lander Medical Clinic to procure and gather surveys without compromising the privacy and security of patient’s records. The managed tablets have eliminated the chance of misuse and reduced the need to monitor them constantly. The risk of patient data leakage which could adversely affect clinic reputation has been completely eliminated.

What Lander Medical Thinks About 42Gears:

“We are busy medical practitioners and this product helped us get patient surveys without interrupting care. 42Gears UEM is a very easy and efficient product to use. We got started right away. The features are excellent. It’s a nice way to manage multiple devices. The support team is easy to work with and has been available when needed.”

Secure patient data and ensure compliance in multiple healthcare devices. Try 42Gears UEM solution today.


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