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Why am I unable to uninstall some application from my android phone?

There are few applications available on Google Play store (aka Android marketplace) which gives error message like below when you try to uninstall them.   The error message above is totally unintuitive and leaves user with little or no idea as to what went wrong and what can possibly be done to successfully uninstall the app…

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SureMDM client now available on Android Marketplace

SureMDM Nix agent is now published on Android Marketplace. You can search for “suremdm” on Android Marketplace or directly goto and install it on your phones. Advantage of installing from android marketplace is that you don’t have to enable “Allow installation of non-Market applications” to manage your device from SureMDM. Plus any upgrades we…

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New security feature for android device management using SureMDM

SureMDM adds another compelling security feature for android device management. IT administrators can now restrict users to access only approved applications.All other applications and system settings are password protected. This feature also blocks the user from installing any third-party applications. Using this feature is very simple. Installed application list of a device now also shows…

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