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List of Sub-processors

42Gears and its affiliates uses certain infrastructure and services specific sub-processors to host its applications and provide certain functionality and professional services to its customers/users as explained in the tables below:

Entity Name Purpose Applicable Services Location
Amazon Web Services Inc. Primary cloud Infrastructure and data hosting where all SaaS applications are hosted 42Gears Cloud Services EU,USA and APAC (depends on what customer chooses)
Azure Cloud infrastructure by Microsoft 42Gears Cloud Services EU,USA and APAC
Mongodb Atlas Database service which we use to store data. Database service EU,USA and APAC
Google Cloud Platform Secondary Cloud Infrastructure Provider for data hosting and SaaS deployment Cloud Services EU,USA and APAC
Intercom Chat/communication tool with customers Integrated with SureMDM and on website USA
Freshdesk (FreshWorks Inc.) /Trac To collate and track the ticket generated by users for the technical support Ticketing tool USA
Mailgun Technologies Inc. Sending mails from all 42Gears product Email and collaboration tool US, EU
RingCaptcha Sending SMS from suremdm SureMDM SMS service USA
Firebase Inc. SureMDM uses Firebase cloud messaging for sending notifications to Android devices. AstroContacts uses this database for storing all the records of users and their contacts SureMDM, AstroContacts SureMDM- USA and Astro Contacts- USA
AWS Cognito (Amazon Web Services Inc.) Third party IDP integrated inside AstroFarm for user authentication AstroFarm EU
AWS SES (Amazon Web Services Inc.) External email notification tool AstroFarm, AstroStatus EU
GO TO WEBINAR Managing Webinar 42Gears Webinar USA
PayPal and Stripe Payment Service Provider Payment Gateway PayPal (USA) and Stripe (USA)
Avalara Inc. Tax Calculation & Tax Filing Sales Tax Calculations and E-Invoice USA
Outlaw (Filevine Inc.) Contract Lifecycle Management CLM Tool USA
Chargify Sales Management Sales Tool USA
Odoo ERP centralised repository for all the finance,Sales and License Management ERP Singapore
Discourse Community Engagement 42Gears Community Portal USA
Google Workspace (Google LLC) Platform for email management, data storage, and document organization. Email Solution USA
Pantheon Systems Inc. 42Gears Websites are hosted WordPress Websites USA
DocuSign Digital Signatures Services Managing and Signing Electronic Signatures USA and Europe

42Gears Affiliates

42Gears Mobility Systems Private Limited may use one or more of its affiliates as sub-processors to deliver products and services to you. The affiliates used may also depend on where you and your users are located. Details of 42Gears affiliates are listed here: