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Business Certifications

We regularly check and test our products and information security systems to make sure they are secure. We have obtained important certifications like SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 to prove our commitment to data security. Our technology service providers also go through a strict security evaluation process, and our cloud provider's data centers meet at least SOC 2 standards. We follow industry best standards to ensure that our customers' data is protected. For more detailed information and to explore our certifications, please visit here


Self Assessments

Self-assessments facilitated by frameworks like CAIQ and HECVAT-Lite are invaluable tools for organisations to evaluate their cybersecurity controls and identify areas for improvement.

We have conducted the following self assessments which enables us to evaluate our security capabilities against industry best practices and recognised standards.
a. CAIQ: Download the CSA STAR Self-Assessment from CSA STAR Registry for 42Gears Mobility Systems Pvt Ltd.
b. HECAVT-Lite: 42Gears is now listed on REN-ISAC's Cloud Broker Index:


Request Reports

Access to specific resources may be of a highly confidential nature, necessitating the completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to granting access. These resources are made available solely upon request. Please click here to proceed.