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OEMConfig – Android Management Made Easy

mar 29, 2019 | 42Gears Team

OEMConfig - Android Management Made Easy

Device administrators have always played a critical role in mobile device management. However, despite the comprehensive management capabilities and configurations they offered, there was still scope for introducing features that ensured granular control. Thus, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) started developing additional features for devices (on top of what Android was offering).

UEM vendors who provide OEM-specific features to customers, need to integrate OEM APIs on their platforms. Since there was a lack of standardized procedures for implementing those APIs, UEM vendors were finding it difficult to provide advanced features to customers timely. Also, they were unable to track some of the add-on features. Additionally, every OEM had their own approach for setting the OEM configurations. This resulted in diversity in the EMM support required to manage these configurations. All of this made the entire Android management ecosystem complicated.

But, that was all before Android enterprise (AE) came into the picture. AE came with a set of common device management capabilities and helped reduce the fragmentation that existed between OEMs and support UEMs. However, some advanced features, such as granular control, Wi-Fi settings, hardware configurations, etc. were still not available under standard Android offerings. And that is where OEMConfig helps.


OEMConfig introduces many significant changes in Android management. OEMConfig works around the AppConfig community. It is a set of common APIs built by OEMs and uploaded to Google Play. OEMs can now develop advanced management capabilities into their devices that will soon be supported by all UEM vendors.


  • Android 5.0+ device
  • OEMConfig app built by the OEM and uploaded to Google Play
  • OEMConfig app whitelisted by the organization with expanded restrictions and EMM support for managed configurations.

How it works

OEMConfig is an application built by an OEM and published to Google Play. The app supports managed app configs for all configurations available. An organization can whitelist the OEMConfig app for their EMM, configure relevant managed app configs and push these to its devices. The OEMConfig app will retrieve the managed app configs and implement them on the device.

OEM Config Illustration

Benefits of OEMConfig

  1. Help reduce fragmentation existing across OEMs 
  2. Offer a standardized way of configuring and implementing device settings
  3. Accessing new features without using any UEM console or agent application upgrades
  4. Zero-day support for all OEM features by all UEM vendors

OEMConfig is a part of AppConfig community. OEMs can join the community to represent themselves as a supporter of OEMConfig. Those who have developed and published their OEMConfig apps are eligible to enter. Registering themselves in the community makes them and their company logo visible on the member page. This also enables OEMs to access the entire community of UEMs, ISVs and more.

OEMConfig will significantly and positively impact on our Android management ecosystem. The number of OEMs and UEM vendors supporting this will keep rising. It is already available for select devices such as Zebra and Sony. Many UEMs are now supporting OEMConfig app including 42Gears.


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