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Keeping track of “Under-Repair” mobile devices using SureMDM

jun 13, 2011 | 42Gears Team

So your employee has reported a problem with the mobile device (e.g barcode scanner not working, display is broken etc). Many times the device has to be sent to a service/repair center where thorough diagnosis and repair is performed.

How do you manage the device when it goes for repair. Most people don’t have any solution and some use solutions that are very specific.

We understood this problem, worked on it and came up with a new feature that takes SureMDM to a new level. Now SureMDM is not just a mobile device management solution, it also provides complete device service and repair management functionality.

Mobile device repair

Mobile device repair

If an employee reports an issue with the mobile device the IT person can assign easily create a new ticket under SureMDM and drag the mobile device to the “Repair Center” bucket. The ticket consists of details about the problem with the device, fault code(s), name/address of service center where the device is going for repair, the person who reported the problem, date of reporting etc.

Once the device comes back from the repair, the ticket can be closed. Notes can be added while closing the ticket. Closing the ticket restores the device back to the group where it was earlier.

Mobile devices go for repair multiple times during their life time. SureMDM provides repair history of all the mobile devices. Management team can use this information to negotiate the maintenance contracts with the service or repair provider companies as they now know what their actual service needs are.

To try mobile device service and repair management and other features of SureMDM, register for a FREE account at You will be amazed at how easy it is to use.

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