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AstroFarm by 42Gears now supports Automation Testing and Remote Debugging for iOS and iPadOS devices.

jun 24, 2022 | 42Gears Team

iOS/iPadOS mobile app automation testing using appium

Cross-platform application development is a time and resource-intensive process. You cannot guarantee a consistent experience and performance across all (well, almost all) users if you don't test your applications across a variety of operating systems (OS), mobile devices, browsers, networks, and hardware. As a result, a pre-launch routine must include running compatibility tests on various platforms. 

The breadth and depth of requirements for compatibility tests, feature tests, and bug tracking cannot be satisfied by manual testing alone. Additionally, getting new devices to your distributed DevOps and QA teams for testing and debugging involves high costs and lowers productivity. AstroFarm, 42Gears' private device farm for mobile testing, now supports automation testing and remote debugging for iOS and iPadOS devices in addition to Android, enabling mobile testing teams to efficiently debug and optimize iOS and iPadOS apps with real devices in real-world settings. 

Automation Testing 

With AstroFarm’s new iOS and iPadOS Automation Testing feature, automation testers can now directly access devices to shorten test cycles and widen test coverage. They can run automation scripts, keep an eye on the devices, and automate testing of iOS apps by integrating Appium. Automated test scripts reduce testing time and effort by enabling testers to run tests simultaneously on a variety of devices. Additionally, a private device lab's internal servers also reduce the feedback loop between a device and the server, resulting in faster execution. 

Remote Debugging 

AstroFarm’s remote action features like Remote View and Remote Control let you remotely view and perform control actions, including touch events, app installs, settings config, and screen capture. Adding Remote Debugging to the existing functionalities will give users more privileges and access to more permissions and user actions. With Remote Debugging, you can capture logs and device health details, which will help you reproduce and debug issues occurring during a test run. 

Benefits of using AstroFarm’s Remote Debugging

Here are the benefits of using AstroFarm’s Remote Debugging:

Value for Money

Thanks to remote access, individual teams and businesses don't need to invest in costly iOS or iPad devices for every location. They can instead make the most of the devices they already have. Remote debugging helps save money, effort, and time spent on recreating environments and configurations to reproduce and fix bugs. 

Quick Turnaround 

Enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of any application requires quick problem solving. With remote debugging, testers can identify what is happening on the remote mobile device, visualize how the app looks, and investigate other metrics to ensure optimum app performance. 

Accelerated Development and Testing 

Remote control gives development and testing teams complete access to devices regardless of where they are. They can manually write test cases and turn them into automation test scripts to test a function in each version of the app and during regression testing. 

There are a ton more advantages. Start exploring our new additions today and experience them first-hand. Have any inquiries for us? Drop a note to

For a detailed walkthrough on how to use AstroFarm's automation on iOS, see this knowledge base article. Refer to this knowledge base article for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use AstroFarm for remote iOS debugging. 

Note: The prerequisite for iOS debugging is to re-sign the latest WDA, upload it again, and then reinstall macOS agent version 0.42.16 for all Mac contributors.

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