SureMDM for Linux

Managing Multi-Flavored Devices Centrally
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Linux has earned a large user base, spanning across many different industries, because of Linux's versatility, security and open-source nature. Securing and managing Linux computers and mobile devices can be a challenge for enterprises, as Linux devices are not commonly supported by most Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions. 42Gears' UEM solution offers remote management of Linux computers and mobile devices. Enterprises can install apps, create or delete directories, transfer files and perform various file operations on these devices.

Remote Management

Remotely manage and control your Linux devices
manage directories

Application Management
Install applications on Linux devices.

Appkication mangement

Manage Directories
Create or delete directories.

File management

File Management
Transfer files to Linux devices.

Custom Script Support

Use custom run scripts to control Linux devices
run script

Use Run Script Commands
Update Nix Agent status, view logs, and more.

Supported Linux Mint Versions

version 18.1
version 18.2
version 18.3
version 19.3

Supported Ubuntu Versions

Version 16.04 LTS
version 18.04 LTS
version 19.10
version 20.04 LTS

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