Linux Device Management

Remote Management of Linux-based Computers and IoT Edge Devices
Remotely Access Linux Desktop | Install Apps | Run Shell Commands and some more.
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Linux has always been a platform of choice for serious computing demands. Security and stability of the Linux operating system have made it a favorite among businesses for deploying server apps as well as for powering Industrial IoT Edge devices.

Linux device management solution enables full Linux device lifecycle management that includes Enrollment, Provisioning, Deployment, Management, and Decommissioning. With the power of a remote Linux device management tool, your IT organization can ensure consistent security compliance and improve remote troubleshooting of operation issues on Linux devices.

Linux Device Management Capabilities

Following are some of the important Linux device management capabilities and features of 42Gears SureMDM.

Centralized View

Deploy and Install applications of multiple Linux devices at once, Track and analyze app status using reports. 

Application Management

Deploy and Install applications of multiple Linux devices at once, Track and analyze app status using reports. 

Kiosk Mode

Turn your Linux device into a dedicated Kiosk by allowing specific applications. Access to the rest of the system and other unallowed apps is completely blocked.

Remote Linux Desktop Tool

Linux MDM is one of the best tools to access remote Linux desktop which can be used to troubleshoot issues remotely. You can remotely view the Linux desktop screen from your browser from a Windows computer, from another Linux machine, or even from a mobile device such as Android or iPhone. You can interact with the remote Linux device using your computer mouse and keyboard. This feature is especially useful for fixing configuration issues on headless devices with no external display or input devices.

OS Update

Use Linux MDM solution to install kernel and OS updates remotely. OS patches can be pushed to all Linux devices at once ensuring they all receive the latest security updates with minimal user intervention.

Easy File Distribution

Remotely distribute files to multiple devices.

Remote Shell Scripting

Remotely execute Linux shell commands to perform any operation on the devices. See more details here.

User Management

  • Add/Remove/Manage users on Linux devices
  • Assign/Revoke Admin access
  • Enable login access rules to allow users to login in specific days and time

Remote System Configuration

Linux device management tool (SureMDM) can help you perform the following IT admin tasks on Linux devices remotely. 

  • Wi-Fi Settings
  • Disable Clipboard
  • Block USB 
  • Force Wi-Fi Whitelisting

Block Website Access

The capability to block unapproved websites is a powerful feature of the Linux device management solution. This feature ensures users are not distracted and the security of corporate data is not compromised.

Linux Distributions Supported by MDM

SureMDM Linux Device Management supports all major Linux distributions (CentOS, SUSE, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat)

Supported Linux Mint Versions

version 18.1
version 18.2
version 18.3
version 19.3

Supported Ubuntu Versions

Version 16.04 LTS
version 18.04 LTS
version 19.10
version 20.04 LTS

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