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Multi-tenant Mobile Device Management Solution

SureMDM Hub

Scalable and Affordable Tenant Hub for MSPs and Resellers

Offer seamless, secure, and scalable mobile device management services to multiple customers from a single admin console.

SureMDM Hub

The Need for SureMDM Hub

A vast majority of businesses have embraced a hybrid or remote work model in the post-pandemic age. Several companies have begun using MDM solutions to enhance workflows and boost efficiency. The adoption of MDM solutions has presented a significant challenge to managed service providers (MSPs). They often struggle to create and manage separate MDM accounts and login credentials for each client. It also gets harder for them to keep track of license allocations, billing, and renewals as the number of accounts grows. Additionally, setting up a separate instance for every customer increases cost and inefficiency over time.

42Gears addresses these issues with its robust platform, the SureMDM Hub. SureMDM Hub is an intuitive tool built specifically to help MSPs offer seamless, secure, and scalable mobile device management services to their customers from a single admin console. It is designed to help our partners lower their operating costs while increasing revenue.

Manage all SureMDM instances in one place

When MSPs and resellers serve multiple customers that have multiple MDM profiles need mobile device management services, setting up a separate instance of SureMDM for each customer can be time-consuming and expensive. The SureMDM Hub architecture allows MSPs to keep customer instances isolated from each other, ensuring better security, configuration, customization, and access control.

License Flexibility

42Gears’ multi-tenant setup provides its partners and resellers with flexibility in how they structure their offerings. Each customer under a managed service provider or reseller can use the same SureMDM license tier (Standard, Premium, or Enterprise) or different SureMDM license tiers split between Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. With SureMDM Hub’s multi-tier model, OEM Partners and Resellers can buy global (valid for any tier) licenses from 42Gears and offer the appropriate licenses for their customers based on their needs.

sureMDM flow chart

Key Features

qucikly launch

Quick Onboarding

Launch new tenant instances and configure their roles easily within the tenant hub.

easy single sign on

Single Sign-On (SSO) Access

Conveniently access and maintain multiple customer accounts using a single login credential.

custom branding


Personalize branding for SureMDM Hub and every customer instance as needed.

centralized license

License Management

Allocate, manage, and modify licenses centrally for every SureMDM instance.


Third-Party Integrations

SureMDM Hub provides API support for third-party integrations.



Track the Hub’s usage by scheduling audit reports or just download them whenever required.


Alerts and Notifications

Save costs by setting alerts for license expiry and renewals.

User Permissions

User Permissions

Configure and modify permissions for users to ensure security.

White Label Framework

White Label Framework

MSPs and resellers can brand SureMDM Hub as their own product by customizing the logo, login screen, phone number, and email ID.

Plus Addressing

Plus Addressing

Enables MSPs and resellers to create unique email variations that simplify email ID management and streamline email communications.

Why Choose SureMDM Hub



The SureMDM Hub architecture allows you to manage multiple customer tenants from a single admin console while keeping customers’ data separated from each other.



The Hub’s UI is designed to have all the functions you need at your fingertips.


Swift Distribution & Management

Quickly distribute and manage licenses across tenants.



Industry-leading capabilities for security, configuration, customization, and access control.

Seamless Updates

Seamless Updates

Make new features available to all tenants at once.


Flexible Deployments

The SureMDM Hub architecture supports both cloud and on-Premise deployments.


Affordable MDM solution with Minimal Upkeep

Spend less on maintenance with SureMDM Hub’s simple backend infrastructure.

How Do I Get Started with SureMDM Hub?

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  • Hub Administrator - IT administrators of managed service providers responsible for creating and managing customer accounts