SureMDM - Frequently Asked Questions

What is SureMDM?

SureMDM is an intuitive and powerful Enterprise Mobility  Management (EMM) solution for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Wear OS platforms. You can secure, monitor and manage company owned devices for dedicated use as well as employee owned devices used to access company data (BYOD). SureMDM incorporates all aspects of EMM such as Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Content Management.

What mobile platforms are supported by SureMDM?

Android, iOS, macOS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Wear OS.

How can I evaluate SureMDM?

You can evaluate SaaS version of SureMDM. It takes a few minutes to get started. Simply complete the brief Registration Form. After registration, you will receive an email with instructions.

In case you wish to try out On-premise SureMDM solution, write an email to us at or call us at +1 424 284 2574 and we will set you up.

What are the server requirements for SureMDM?

For SureMDM SaaS: Nothing. We have setup all of that. Registration takes less than a minute and you can log in and start using SureMDM immediately after that. It then takes few minutes to configure a device to connect to SureMDM and you can start managing your device in minutes.

If you want to try SureMDM on your own network, contact us at and we will provide you the installation package and instructions to set it on your own.

For On-premise, click here.

Due to business and corporate policy requirements, I cannot use the SaaS version. Can I evaluate the On-premise version?

Yes, it is possible to evaluate the On-premise version. You can send your request to or call us at+1 424 284 2574.

Where are your servers located?

SureMDM Servers are hosted on Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure cloud infrastructure, located in multiple locations in the US.

Amazon EC2 provides secure, top of the class, high availability cloud infrastructure.

How about data security?

You and your device's access to the SureMDM service will be accomplished via a secure internet link (SSL) and all of your data will be protected through our backup procedures.


What happens at the end of the trial?

At the end of the trial, you will be expected to initiate a purchase or trial account will get disabled automatically. A 42Gears representative will contact you concerning your purchase decision, or you may contact 42Gears directly at any time regarding purchase or termination of SureMDM.

Note: If you choose to cancel the trial or decide not to purchase SureMDM you will need to back up your stored data in the format available. 42Gears is not responsible for any data left on the SureMDM system.

I want to request an extension of the 30-day free trial period?

The trial period is for 30 days, but we will review extension requests on a case-by-case basis. Please submit your extension request to and provide your account details.

I am satisfied with the product. How do I buy it now?

You can purchase the product online from 42Gears.

Once purchased, we will make your trial account live with the purchased device limit. In case you buy OnPremise version, we will send you required installation files, setup instructions and license key.


Can we send or receive message to and fro from the device using SureMDM?
Yes, you can use Inbox option of SureMDM to send or receive messages.


Can we configure SureMDM to apply common jobs on the freshly enrolled devices?
Yes, you can use Group Properties option on SureMDM Home to specify a default job to be automatically applied on a device enrollment with SureMDM  To specify a default job, right click Home, select Properties and go to Group Properties.


What is dashboard in SureMDM?
Dashboard is an easy-to-comprehend, one-page graphical representation to view the device details and status, alerts/notifications, jobs, battery strength and more.


Does SureMDM support Android Enterprise features?
Yes, SureMDM supports BYOD and COSU based enrollment under Android Enterprise.


What is App Store feature in SureMDM?

App Store allows IT Pros to create their own enterprise app store. You can use SureMDM Web Console to compile a list of enterprise apps and push it to the enrolled mobile devices.


What is File Store feature in SureMDM?

SureMDM offers a secure way to share and distribute enterprise files on Android devices through File Store option. This option allows you to create a document library and share documents like images, videos and other files across enrolled enrolled devices.


Can we customize the reports in SureMDM based on our need?

Yes, SureMDM has the option to customize the reports. Once you log into SureMDM Web Console,  you can use Reports and Custom Reports option to generate tailor-made reports.


Are there options to configure devices individually and in bulk?

Yes. To configure devices individually you can select the device and use the dynamic jobs section (right side of the console) and to configure devices in bulk, you can use static jobs (Jobs option) of SureMDM Web Console.


Can we customize the dynamic jobs section with different jobs in SureMDM Web Console?

Yes, it is possible. You can navigate to Account Settings option under Settings of SureMDM Web Console, select Customize Toolbar and use this option to create dynamic jobs of your choice.


What are the types of jobs available in SureMDM for Android devices?

SureMDM Install Application, File Transfer, Text Message, Run Script, Remote Data Wipe, Lock Device, Nix Agent Setting, Composite Job, Notification Policy, SureLock Settings, SureFox Settings, SureVideo Settings, Location Tracking, Security Policy, Application Settings, Wi-Fi / Hotspot Settings, Email Configuration Settings, Telecom Management Settings, Call Log Tracking, SMS Log Tracking, Geo Fence, Time Fence, Network Fence, Remote Buzz and Compliance Job.


How do I customize the notifications we receive from SureMDM web console?

There is an option to customize the notifications in SureMDM Web Console under Account Settings’ called Alert Template. You can use this option to  create or edit notification template for alert messages.


We would like to have more than one user with different permission levels to access SureMDM. Is this possible?

Yes. SureMDM allows you to have multiple  users with different and defined permissions of device management for the same account. (give a link to the blog)


Can we do screen viewing on all Android devices?

Screen viewing is currently possible by default on all devices with Android Lollipop and above. However, to control the device using touch inputs, mouse clicks and keyboard from SureMDM Web Console, the device should be Samsung KNOX device with Android 4.2.2 and above, rooted or with device platform signature permissions.


How can I get device platform signature to remote control device?

We already have many OEM partners  who have already signed our application with required signature, please reach out to our technical support team at for more details.


What would be the cost to get device platform signature?

There is no cost involved from our end, however, it depends on OEM partners, if they charge for device platform signature, the same will be borne by you. Most of the time they don’t charge for such requests.


What is location tracking feature in SureMDM?

Location tracking enables you to  remotely track and locate enrolled device.


Does license cost differ based on platform models I plan to use?

No, license cost is same for all the platforms supported by  SureMDM.


Is 42Gears GDPR compliant?
Under GDPR, 42Gears shall notify the Customer of any data breaches involving the data it process on behalf of the Customer as soon as reasonably practical; 42Gears shall provide support to Customer at their request to assess the impact of its services on the Customer’s privacy (for example, through assisting the Customer with a Data Protection Impact Assessment); 42Gears shall provide support to Customer in responding to requests from data subjects to exercise their rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 42Gears has documented its processing and publishes this in its Privacy Notice.
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