Purchase SureLock for Android

Choose between Monthly Subscription or Perpetual License

Monthly Subscription
SureLock Android Cloud Subscription
Per device/Per month

Note: SureLock Android Subscription is now included at no cost as part of SureMDM Standard, Premium and Enterprise Plans. Sign into your SureMDM Account and go to Manage Subscription to view your SureLock Activation Code.

Perpetual License

Single License
For 1 device
$39.99 per license
12 months support
10 Licenses Pack
For 10 devices
$29.90 per license
12 months support
50 Licenses Pack
For 50 devices
$24.98 per license
12 months support
100 Licenses Pack
For 100 devices
$19.99 per license
12 months support

Note: If you experience any problems during the ordering process, please contact sales@42gears.com for alternative payment options.

If you are a customer in India, please contact us for volume pricing.

Support and Maintenance

Subscription licenses include upgrades, support and maintenance for subscription period. Perpetual licenses include 12 months of software maintenance (support and product updates). We recommend that you renew your product maintenance prior to the expiration date for continued access to benefits like latest product updates and 365/24/7 support.

Maintenance renewals commence from the expiration of your active maintenance period, regardless of when the maintenance renewal is purchased. If you intend to renew, we recommend renewing at least 30 days before expiration.

Version Upgrades:

You are eligible to receive free software upgrades during the active maintenance period. Current version of the product will be active after maintenance period, but upgrade to the new versions will not be available unless support and maintenance plan is purchased.

Transfer of License:

During active support and maintenance period you are eligible to reclaim licenses from broken/lost devices and assign them to new devices.

Priority Email Support & Live Chat:

During active maintenance period you can send us support requests via email or live chat for issues related to licensing, installation, configuration and product usage. We undertake to respond to priority support requests within one business day. Even if you submit your request via email, we may phone you back if the circumstances and the nature of your issue warrant it.

Phone Support:

If you require phone support, write to sales@42gears.com and mention your requirements. Phone support has different pricing structure.

How to renew Support Plan:

You can renew your support plan at 30% of the list price of the product at the time of renewal. We will send you an email notification 30 days prior to the expiry of your current maintenance period. You can also contact us at sales@42gears.com to purchase or renew your Annual Support Plan. Please mention details such as company name, ordering person's email address and activation code provided earlier.

Customer Review

"Five stars for a top notch product. SureLock provided us with a rock-solid kiosk environment with a lot of additional features. Especially the ability to send instructions and configure via adb was very valuable. Support was very responsive and helpful." - Patrick Hogenboom