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42Gears Partners with Barcotec to Secure Rugged Devices for European businesses

Manchester, April 24, 2018 42Gears Mobility Systems and Barcotec are proud to announce their partnership to offer EMM enabled rugged computing devices to European businesses.

42Gears is a globally trusted EMM solution provider enabling enterprises to remotely manage and secure rugged devices used for business purpose.

Barcotec is one of the first specialized providers in the field of automatic data acquisition solutions. It offers auto-id devices, rugged mobility management solutions and services to Europe-based organizations. Barcotec is a direct importer of rugged devices like 1D, 2D and RFID terminals, readers and tags, printers, rugged phones, tablet PCs, data glasses manufactured by Denso, Datalogic, Citizen, Realwear..

42Gears and Barcotec have a combined vision to extend the reach of EMM-enabled rugged products to a wider market. By joining hands with 42Gears, Barcotec aims to enhance the performance of its products and meet the enterprise mobility requirements of its European clients. 42Gears products complement Barcotec offerings, making them more effective and beneficial to the end customers. Ruggedized devices integrated with 42Gears EMM become an enterprise-ready package that addresses the challenges of field mobility while ensuring device and data security.

Alexander Rainsberger, Managing Director, Barcotec spoke about the new partnership: “Our customer base spans across various industry verticals in Europe. We’ve partnered with 42Gears to ensure our rugged devices are secure and easily manageable for all of our customers.”

Kaushik Sindhu, Associate Vice President, 42Gears said “We are happy to work with Barcotec. Also, our association with Barcotec will help us reach out to more customers in the European region. We are looking forward to start offering our new products and solutions in the European region through Barcotec”.


About  Barcotec

Barcotec, as “your digital enabling specialist“, is the central-european provider of technologies, hardware, services and solutions for auto-id, enterprise mobility and professional terminals, wearables and printers.

Established 1989, the company is recognized as a leading supplier representing global market leaders such as DENSO, Datalogic, Citizen, Realwear, etc.

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