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42Gears Launches Wearable Management Solution for Enterprises

The ability to manage wearable devices through 42Gears EMM opens up new avenues for enterprise adoption and redefine healthcare standards.

Bengaluru, India, May 2, 201742Gears Mobility Systems, a leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solution provider announces the support for Android wearables through its EMM suite . This enables enterprises to adopt wearables for business purpose. The ability to lockdown and remotely manage the wearable devices, makes them enterprise ready. This is a pioneering solution, currently being offered only by 42Gears.

Wearables are the latest entrant in the mobility landscape. They have been a perfect example of the Consumerization of IT. Enterprises have always wanted to utilize the potential of wearables in business. However, the lack of controls and concerns for data security were the impediments to their adoption. 42Gears has addressed this problem through its wearable management solution.

42Gears EMM Suite seamlessly supports Smartwatches by allowing access to whitelisted applications, preventing users from making unintended changes in the settings. It also offers Android Wearable Management capability which allows easy-customization of the Smartwatch interface, remote configuration and enrollment of the wearables. These features bar device misuse, reduce support costs and provide enhanced security control.

This solution is being adopted by many of 42Gears customers from different vertical. Healthcare providers have been the early adopters. Like in one of the cases a healthcare provider has distributed Smartwatches to its elderly patients. The Smartwatch tracks stress levels and alerts in case of emergency. It is also set to send alerts in case the patient experiences a jolt or has a fall - which usually signals an emergency.

The Smartwatch equipped with 42Gears EMM suite serves as a companion that empowers the healthcare providers to get better control of their patient’s health.

42Gears , which was recently ranked on Deloitte Technology Fast50 and has been regularly covered in Gartner Reports, leveraged the power of Smartwatches as an extension to smartphones for enterprises and is helping enterprises adopt wearables for business use. From May 2017, 42Gears’ exclusive EMM solution for Android Smartwatch will be available in the market and can be downloaded from here.

“Extending support for wearables is a part of our strategic approach to manage all enterprise end points. We see customers from healthcare, logistics, retail, supply chain and remote support demanding our solution.” said Prakash Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, 42Gears.