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42Gears Launches SureMDM Hub for Multi-Tenant, Multi-Tier Device Management

Bengaluru, India, September 29, 2020 - 42Gears today announced SureMDM Hub, a new platform through which 42Gears partners can offer scalable and efficient mobile device management services to their customers. SureMDM Hub lets partners (including managed mobility service providers) give many customers their own instances of SureMDM from a single SureMDM server deployment.

“SureMDM Hub is a win for everyone,” said Prakash Gupta, co-founder and CTO of 42Gears. “Partners have fewer moving parts to manage, and from the customer’s perspective, the experience of using SureMDM is easy, private, and secure.”

Features and benefits of SureMDM Hub include:

  • Easier Customer Onboarding: Fast onboarding of new customers is possible through an easy-to-use admin console. The console can also add new admins as needed.
  • Multi-tenant management: Partners only need to perform maintenance and updates on one instance of SureMDM, even if multiple clients share that instance.
  • Multi-tier licensing: SureMDM Hub can support multiple license types in the same instance of SureMDM. Customers can choose the license tier that meets their needs, without any added complexity on the host’s end. 
  • Robust customization options: Admins can brand customer accounts to personalize their SureMDM experience, without impacting any of the other clients in the same hub.
  • API Integration: Partners can execute customer management, license allocation and deallocation, and other activities from their own systems using SureMDM Hub APIs.

SureMDM Hub is available for 42Gears’ partners now. For pricing information, or to inquire about becoming a partner, please email To learn more, visit