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42Gears Launches “SureMDM for Developers” Portal

Bengaluru, India, January 25, 2021 - 42Gears today announced the launch of the 42Gears Developer Portal. This web portal provides developers worldwide with the API documentation, SDK, libraries, and sample code needed to build plugins, Things Connectors or integrate third-party applications into the suite of device management tools from 42Gears.  

The portal benefits both developers and 42Gears customers. Developers will be able to identify customer needs and create extensions that satisfy those needs. Customers, in turn, will be able to add onto SureMDM’s standard tools to meet their specific use cases. 

42Gears plans to introduce a marketplace for the software built using the Portal, allowing developers to monetize their creations.  

“We are excited to see the ways in which developers can augment our products’ functionality ,” said Prakash Gupta, co-founder and CTO of 42Gears. “Some customers have very unique needs. 42Gears can focus on optimizing our core products, while third-party developers can create custom software that can close the gap between our software and any customer’s needs.” 

The 42Gears Developer Portal will provide the tools to make several kinds of extensions: 

  • Things Connectors: These software components let SureMDM manage IoT or peripheral devices. Now, any developers can build Things Connectors specific to their hardware. 
  • Plugins: Plugins add new functionalities to the SureMDM console. Now, developers can build plugins to meet any customer’s needs. 
  • Third-party Integration:  Any external application can make use of APIs to connect with the SureMDM platform to access device data for analysis, create new policies or jobs, and programmatically deploy them on devices.

The 42Gears Developer Portal is available at For more information about 42Gears products, please email or visit