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42Gears and Newland EMEA Enter into Strategic Partnership to Simplify Mobile Device Management for Speedata by Newland Product Line

Bengaluru, India, November 18, 2022: 42Gears and Newland EMEA today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at simplifying digitalization in the enterprise. The partnership will allow Newland EMEA to provide their customers with a world-class mobile device management solution for their Speedata by Newland product line and provide 42Gears with an opportunity to work with a leading AIDC partner to expand brand awareness in EMEA.

42Gears is a leading, Gartner-recognized Unified Endpoint Management solution provider, known for offering robust and reliable solutions to help businesses manage all kinds of devices, regardless of the operating system they are based on. In addition, 42Gears' Things Management Technology (TMT) enables organizations to manage peripherals and other non-traditional business endpoints from the same console used for managing, monitoring, and securing mobile devices.

Speedata by Newland is a stellar device range that focuses on mobility. With active innovation and their new 5G-compatible devices, Speedata by Newland offers mobile computers and tablets that empower the end-user. From a mobile computer with a keypad to a full-touch, 10" tablet, there is sure to be a device to fit all needs.

Based in the Netherlands, Newland EMEA is a leading player in the AIDC industry. They create 1D and 2D data capture and collection devices accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Along with their Speedata product line, they offer stationary and handheld scanners, mobile computers, micro kiosks and tablets, and OEM scan engines under the Newland brand and wearables under its Nwear brand.

Thanks to the partnership, Newland EMEA's customers will now have access to management software that will allow them to have more control over their devices, and 42Gears will expand their presence in the EMEA region.

"It's not just smartphones that enterprise customers are looking to manage and monitor these days. The scope of MDM has increased exponentially in recent years. We understand how important it is to be able to have a single view of all business endpoints, regardless of the device type. Our partnership with Newland EMEA is another big step in that direction," explained Onkar Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of 42Gears.

Sebastian Weides, Senior Product Manager (PDA & CIT) of Newland EMEA said "We are excited to partner with 42Gears. They are a great choice to bring world-class enterprise device management to our Speedata by Newland product line. With 42Gears we can now offer a tool our customers need to manage our devices through their lifetime, starting from rollout to maintaining and servicing of the devices."

About Newland

Newland EMEA makes scanning simple. A leading player in the global AIDC industry, we create 1D and 2D data capture & collection devices accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. At Newland, we build our products from the ground up. Our product range consists of stationary & handheld scanners, mobile computers, micro kiosks and tablets, and OEM scan engines. All based on our UIMG image technology and 2D decoder chip. With a full range of products - from handheld to embedded to mobile computers, Newland is here to provide you with precisely what you need. For more information, visit