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Android Device Management for Honeywell Devices

Simplified Honeywell Device Deployment and Management - Powered by SureMDM



Honeywell's Android devices stand at the forefront of delivering enterprise-focused performance across various industries. Whether it's in retail, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, or beyond, these devices are engineered to drive tangible results with consumer-familiar device design.

Honeywell devices, along with SureMDM, work as a force multiplier to streamline operations, enhance frontline productivity, and optimize workflows. SureMDM provides complete device lifecycle management of Honeywell devices within your organization and simplifies the process of securing, managing and monitoring the devices.

Key Features


Device Enrollment

Honeywell devices can be seamlessly enrolled into SureMDM using different enrollment methods like:

OEM Config

Honeywell OEMConfig

OEMConfig apps enable MDM solutions such as SureMDM to extend device management capabilities with manufacturer-specific configurations and features. Honeywell devices can be easily configured using SureMDM together with the Honeywell OEMConfig, allowing administrators to easily customize various device settings like

  • Device Management Settings: Remotely configure different aspects of device management, including provisioning settings, device restrictions, and network configurations etc.
  • Display Settings: Manage display settings, including adaptive brightness, brightness level, display sleep, and screen rotation, etc.
  • Input and Output Settings: Configure USB settings, default battery mode, and enable or disable touch panel mode settings etc.
  • Accounts: Enable or disable automatic data syncing.
Why Choose SureMDM to Manage Your Honeywell Devices

  • Easy Deployment: With SureMDM, businesses can remotely provision and deploy devices with required applications, settings, and policies.  
  • Efficient Device Management: Centrally manage different types of devices from a single SureMDM console and automate routine tasks for streamlined operations.
  • Personalized Solution: SureMDM offers tailor-made customizations to address your critical business needs.
  • Real-time Support: No matter which plan you choose, get 24/7 real-time technical assistance via call, chat, or email.

Experience Seamless Honeywell Device Management with SureMDM!

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