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Simplifying the Process of Running Common Tasks on Android Devices

Apr 26, 2022 | 42Gears Team

Supporting the Assignment of Custom Properties to a Device Group

One of the ways to achieve greater productivity and sucess is to work smart. It allows one to save precious energy for the things that really matter. At 42Gears, we strive to create smart features that provide additional value to our customers.

One such feature created by our team is the Jobs Shortcut for Android devices. It’s a great option that allows device users to execute tasks (Jobs) such as file transfer, app installation, device configuration, device lockdown and more on enrolled Android devices easily through a shortcut. 

Previously, device administrators had to go to the SureMDM console often to apply Jobs, even for small tasks, which consumed more time as well as effort. Moreover, users had to inform the device administrators every time to apply these jobs remotely on the devices. To address this issue and overcome this limitation, we created the Jobs Shortcut and enterprise App shortcut feature. Now, users can locally execute these jobs whenever they want without the help of a device administrator.

Currently, the Jobs shortcut feature is supported only for these specific jobs: Install Application, File Transfer, Run Script, Lock Device, Composite Job, SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo Settings, Wi-Fi/Hotspot Settings, Email, and Configuration Settings.

How does the Jobs Shortcut feature work?

There are two ways to create and launch Jobs shortcut locally from Android devices - either through the SureMDM App Store or through the SureLock home screen.

In the SureMDM console, the Jobs Shortcut feature can be accessed from Profiles>>Android>>Application Policy>>Select Application Source>>Jobs Shortcut. Users can select the required Jobs Shortcut and execute it on the selected group of Android devices.

In SureLock, users can go to the “Manage Shortcut” option to launch Jobs Shortcut. An intent of script/SureMDM Agent (shortcut) is added on the SureLock home screen to run scripts locally on the device side. Once a user presses the shortcut for a particular job in the SureLock app, the job gets executed. However, it’s important to note here that the Jobs Shortcut option works only in integrated SureLock (that comes as part of the SureMDM suite) and not in standalone SureLock. 

One of the unique aspects of Job Shortcuts is that users can apply these jobs even when the devices are offline. In conclusion, the Jobs shortcut is a great feature that helps users to applying jobs on Android devices quickly and easily so they can focus on other important things.

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