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In Hospitality, an iOS Kiosk Browser is a Necessity

jul 05, 2021 | 42Gears Team

iOS Kiosk Browser

When you care about your customers, you’ll do whatever it takes to make them happy. For many proprietors, this may mean giving customers iPads to use as kiosks. Customers love the sleek design and intuitive Apple interface, but if this is all you’ve done, you’re only halfway there. You’ll need to deploy an iOS kiosk browser solution to offer the best experience possible.

iOS kiosk browser deployment matters because you probably don’t want guests to have free access to the Internet on the devices that you give them. Once customers associate a device with your hotel, store, or restaurant, their browsing experience reflects on your brand. All the effort you put into finding attractive, professional tablets will go in vain if your customers don’t respect your initiatives.

Still, you likely need to give users access to the Internet in some form. Web apps offer many benefits as compared to installed apps, and even if you don’t rely on them, online check-in pages are essential for most businesses.

This is where the necessity to deploy an iOS kiosk browser solution comes in. Here are a few key reasons why it’s so important to have one in place: 

3 Reasons iPads in Hospitality Need an iOS Kiosk Browser Solution

  • Risk Management: You must assume that guests who have unlimited access to all websites will visit all websites. This puts you in a tough spot if someone does something illegal, unethical, or unsafe while browsing. With iOS browser lockdown, you can eliminate these risks.
  • Specificity: You can brand kiosks once guests know that there are usage restrictions in place. An iOS kiosk browser solution makes it much easier to set usage restrictions. You can add branding elements to tablets without worrying about off-brand experiences online.
  • Form Factor: If your tablets need to serve a single, simple purpose, an iOS kiosk browser solution makes that possible. Even in a situation like this, the attractive Apple form factor will still create the impact.

You may also have some concerns about the logistics of implementing a kiosk browser solution; this is common and totally reasonable. Still, there are answers to these common questions, which you will hopefully find reassuring.

3 Common Questions About Implementing an iPad Kiosk Browser Solution in Hospitality

  • How do I get the browser active on many devices at once?: If you have a very small number of iPads and can manually access each one, you can use Guided Access to keep users engaged. This isn’t feasible at a larger scale, but mobile device management software lets you set it up on many devices at once. Some iOS kiosk browser options let you export settings from one device to another via cloud; in no time, you can set every device up just the way you need it to be.
  • Will guests dislike having restrictions in place? Guests will inevitably be a bit disappointed that they can’t play around on your iPads, but it’s a good thing in the long run. Kiosk vandalism is a major challenge businesses face, and any steps taken to counter that, including making tablets less interesting to experiment with, will increase the life of your tablets.
  • What steps do I take to get started?: You can start by downloading SureFox by 42Gears, an industry-leading iOS kiosk browser solution. You can try it for free, and if it works well for you, scaling up is easy. As mentioned earlier, you can import and export settings from the cloud between tablets.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you should consider deploying a secure browser solution for your iPads. Thankfully, joining the millions who use iOS kiosk browsers is easy, too.

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