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Enrol MACs and iOS devices with SureMDM using Apple DEP

mei 04, 2017 | 42Gears Team

What is DEP?

The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is featured under the Apple Deployment Programs which helps enterprises to easily configure and deploy iOS and OS X (Mac OS) devices for business. It automates the initial setup of MDM profiles and helps supervise these devices over-the-air.

Enrolling an Apple device onto our EMM suite is much easier than ever before. DEP allows you to link the SureMDM deployment server to a virtual MDM server created on the DEP site to enroll devices. Such a plan benefits manifold in managing and securing enterprise mobility.

Apple Device Enrollment Program - DEP

Benefit 1 –Automatic MDM enrollment

With DEP, your Apple devices can be preconfigured for automatic enrollment on an MDM. Automatic enrollment ensures the configuration of the devices are based on your organizational roles and mandates that all users get preconfigured settings on their devices.

Benefit 2 – Zero-touch configuration for IT

With DEP, massive deployments of Apple devices are seamless. Devices can be instantly configured with account settings, apps and transferred to IT access over the air instantly after activation. This feature predominantly eliminates staging services or physically intervention to accomplish the setup.

Benefit 3 – Higher Level of Supervision

Supervision provides a higher level of device management. It enables restriction for applications such as turning off, AirDrop, iMessage or Game Center, and it caters to additional device features and settings like single-app mode and web content filtering. With DEP, you can wirelessly activate Supervision Mode on a device to facilitate the setup procedure.

Though every business is different, still 99% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Apple products as a mainstay in their networks. Irrespective of the Industry and the size of the deployment, SureMDM with DEP helps you create a secure and compliant environment for Apple devices to establish a robust Enterprise Mobility Management for your business.


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