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Configuring Lockdown Settings Remotely for Windows using Cloud

nov 12, 2013 | 42Gears Team

Applies to:
Product SureLock
Platform Windows 7/Windows 8

Businesses with mobile workforce require secure and uncompromisable devices to ensure responsible usage, improve productivity and reduce maintenance cost.

One way to achieve the above mentioned objectives is by allowing access to only required applications and preventing the users from making any intended or unintended changes on the device.

With SureLock, you can allow only desired applications to run on the device and only admin can access the password protected settings to either modify lockdown configurations or exit the lockdown.

You can easily install and configure SureLock however in situations when you have multiple devices in different locations for configurations, manually configuring SureLock for each of the devices could be difficult.  In such situations you can make use of Export/Import SureLock Settings using Cloud option. Once lockdown settings has been finalized, you can export settings to the cloud and then import it on other devices from the cloud.

Follow the steps mentioned to Export/Import SureLock Settings using Cloud option:

Export Import SureLock Settings Cloud

Export SureLock Settings to Cloud

1. Tap anywhere on SureLock Screen 5 times and use your password to enter SureLock Settings

2. On SureLock Settings Main Menu, tap on Import/Export Settings

3. On Import/Export Settings screen, tap on Export to Cloud

4. On Export Settings to Cloud screen, tap on any one of the following options:

  • Create New Cloud ID
  • Use Existing Cloud ID

5. On successful export of the SureLock Settings to cloud, you will see a prompt with a Cloud ID

6. Copy the ID to the clipboard and share it to import SureLock Settings

Import SureLock Settings from Cloud

1. Tap anywhere on SureLock Screen 5 times and use your password to enter SureLock Settings

2. On SureLock Settings Main Menu, tap on Import/Export Settings

3. On Import/Export Settings screen, tap on Import From Cloud

4. On Import Settings from Cloud screen, enter the Cloud ID or select it from the Cloud ID History

5. Tap on Import to complete

6. On successful import of SureLock Settings  from cloud, a prompt will inform you that it has been successfully imported

You can also configure periodic check and automatic import of SureLock Settings using cloud. To learn more about SureLock for Windows, click here.

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