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Block Applications in Windows 8 Tablets – SureLock

apr 27, 2013 | 42Gears Team

By end of this blog entry, you will learn how to block applications in Windows 8 tablets.

What we like about Windows 8?

Don’t you think that Windows 8 has good visual appeal and its touch enabled features makes it great for surfing the net to playing games? It’s dynamic desktop and Start Screen is such a pleasure to use on phones, tablets or PCs especially when the metro tiles automatically integrates with installed social networking applications and comes alive with latest posts and updates. Separate tiles for each application including news, search engines and games on the Start Screen makes it easy to launch and use.

Why blocking of applications required? Easiest way to block applications?

When mobile enterprises decide to use Windows 8 tablets as field devices, the unavoidable question on proper and effective use of devices comes into the picture. With thousands of free apps online, easy access to social networking sites, games and exposed settings makes the device as well as the workforce efficiency vulnerable. Not only with mobile enterprises but also when schools or colleges use Windows 8 tablets for educational activities or small businesses use them as an informational kiosk, you need a controlled environment with access to only required applications. So a quick and easy solution in form of an application becomes a must. An application which allows running of only certain handpicked applications on the device.

SureLock does that. Once installed in your Windows 8 tablet, it lets you access administrative screen and specify a set of allowed applications through simple steps. Allow as many applications as needed, change the administrative password and the device is all set for deployment.

How to block applications by allowing only the required applications?

1. Tap 5 times anywhere on the SureLock Homepage within 3 seconds to activate the password console.

2.  Login with your default password – 0000.

3.  Browse and add the application you want to allow.

SureLock for Windows 8 is going through a transformation and loads of new features are being added so keep a watch on this space. For additional details about SureLock for Windows 8, visit https://www.42gears.com/surelock/surelockwindows8.html for more details.

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