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Infotainment refers to digital platforms that provide users with a mix of useful information and entertainment options. Infotainment systems can engage customers in settings such as taxis, waiting rooms, and hotel lobbies. 

Businesses hoping to implement infotainment devices have a few major obstacles to overcome. For one, bringing together a range of media content typically requires mixing software and hardware choices that may not necessarily work well with each other. Moreover, if the infotainment device does not organize its content effectively, users may be overwhelmed by the amount of content that is available to them.

42Gears Infotainment Solution

Infotainment by 42Gears is a webpage extension which can be customized to quickly and easily turn your company’s mobile devices into accessible infotainment units. It offers a host of features like:

  • Adding, removing or editing categories from which customers can choose (i.e. music, games, and movies) 
  • Supporting a wide range of video, audio and image formats
  • Offering customizable wallpapers, color themes and branding

With 42Gears’ help, your infotainment devices can engage your passengers and guests providing an exciting way to showcase your current promotions.

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