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Instacom reduces device-support effort by half with help from SureLock and SureMDM

Fév 09, 2016 | 42Gears Team

Instacom reduces device-support effort by half with help from SureLock and SureMDM

Instacom, South Africa’s leading Telecommunications Company is the pioneer of Push-to-Talk concept. They are presently the lone reliable PTT telecommunication service provider in South Africa. Instacom started off their operations in 2008 in South Africa by delivering Push-to-Talk technology. They revolutionize their solutions by providing additional benefits to companies across numerous verticals such as retail, healthcare, contract cleaning, transport, logistics and more. Instacom constantly enhances their solution with asset and staff patrolling applications, instant message system and numerous tracking abilities to ensure a solution that is customized to accomplish the complexities of any business.

Instacom deploys Android rugged devices including Android Marshmallow and implements their solutions on these devices. Apart from the software and the hardware, Instacom’s solutions also include a data plan making their offerings, comprehensive for their customers. Their solutions are mostly used for enabling mobility of field workers such as delivery agents, drivers, and others.

Challenges faced by Instacom

Though Instacom’s solutions were comprehensive, during the course of implementation and maintenance of these solutions, they came across few concerns like:

  1. Frequent issues being reported by customers about faulty solution or devices
  2. Inflated mobile bills because of devices being manipulated by unintended mobile data usage
  3. Time and effort spent on traveling to fix intentional or unintentional changes in device settings

Instacom was searching for a solution that would help them connect all deployed devices to remotely monitor, push updates, track, locate and remotely support these devices to prevent device misuse and issues such as device settings changes.

Instacom realized that the ideal solution to prevent misuse and alterations to device settings would be to set up a kiosk solution on all deployed devices. They also realized that an MDM solution that manages devices and provides remote support capabilities would perfectly fit their requirements.

42Gears solutions help Instacom withstand challenges

Instacom chose 42Gears’ SureMDM and SureLock. They found these two solutions not only appropriate to counter their challenges, but also found them to be intuitive in nature and easy to use. With SureLock, Instacom was able to transform their all-purpose Android devices into specialized devices. SureLock allowed them to restrict users to only access approved applications and the password protected settings ensured device settings were protected and can only be accessed by an assigned admin.

The remote control feature in SureMDM helped Instacom save support cost. With it, they took control of a device whenever an issue was reported. They were able to resolve the problem remotely which brought down traveling to the client location for fixing minor technical issues drastically.

Instacom also collaborated with 42Gears for addition and implementation of new features to SureMDM for their specific requirements. They now sell their solution with SureMDM and SureLock and have a set of satisfied customers who are no more worried about the deployed mobile devices and assigned data plans.



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