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Difference between SureVideo iOS and SureVideo Lite iOS

Juin 11, 2014 | 42Gears Team

Applies to:
Product SureVideo
Platform iOS

SureVideo Kiosk Video Looper for iPads is available in two versions – SureVideo and SureVideo Lite. Following are the differences between the two versions:

Main Features  SureVideo Lite  SureVideo
Loop Videos in Lockdown Mode
Configure Playlist using device
Configure Playlist using Web Interface
Enable/Disable Media Player Controls using device
Enable/Disable Media Player Controls using Web Interface
Full Screen Video Playback
Set Screen Orientation using device
Set Screen Orientation using Web Interface
Enable Upload Server
Import Settings using File
Import Settings using Cloud
Import Settings using URL
Export Settings to a file
Export Settings to Cloud Limited
Reset SureVideo Settings
SureVideo Watermark on Video Screen Х
Access Authentication for Device IP Address  Х

The three main differences:

1. SureVideo Lite version has limitation of only one Cloud ID to export settings whereas in SureVideo full version, there are no limitations.

2. SureVideo Lite version has a SureVideo watermark on the video screen.

3. In the lite version, there is no authentication (username and password) when IP Address of the device is accessed using SureVideo Web Interface.


To know more about SureVideo for iOSclick here

To download a lite version of SureVideo for iOSclick here

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