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Custom TitleBar in SureLock

Jan 15, 2013 | 42Gears Team

SureLock TitleBar Demo

A Title Bar is the first thing which grabs user’s attention. SureLock kiosk-mode lock down for Android allows you to display a custom title bar on top of SureLock home screen. Whether its your company name or a special message, the title bar can be used to display text according to the requirement.

Follow the instructions below to configure and display your own title bar on SureLock home screen:

  1. Enter SureLock admin settings using your password.
  2. Tap on TitleBar Settings located which is located under SureLock settings.
  3. Tap on « Enable TitleBar » to turn on the title bar.
  4. You can configure the following options when you enable the title bar:
    1. Text: Enter the text you wish to display in the title bar of SureLock.
    2. Font Color: Tap to select the text color for title bar.
    3. Font Size: Allows you to enter the font size to be used in title bar.
    4. Font Style: Choose the way your text is displayed- normal, bold, italic or both.
    5. Font Family: Tap to select the font family to be used for displaying the title text.
    6. Position: Tap to select the position of displaying the title in the title bar.
    7. Enable Gradient: Tap to enable/disable a 3D-gradient effect on the title bar.
    8. Color: Choose the title bar background color from the color picker. Pick your desired color on the color wheel and then tap in the center to set it as your title bar color.
    9. Size: Allows you to enter the height of the title bar.
    10. Preview: Tap on preview to get a real-time view of your title bar on SureLock home screen. Tap on screen to close and return back to settings.
  5. Once you have finalized the settings, you can return back to SureLock home screen. The settings will be applied instantly.

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