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Build a Strong Foundation for Network Security with SureMDM-Aruba ClearPass Integration

Sep 21, 2020 | 42Gears Team


Today, Network Access Control (NAC) is no longer an optional requirement. With a staggering number of devices trying to connect to their organization’s network, the average security pros is constantly struggling to keep security risks at bay. As a result, security pros need improved visibility into the devices connecting to their network, so the network can implement key security and compliance safeguards.

According to Gartner’s Insights on How to Lead in a Connected World report, “We expect to see 20 billion internet-connected things by 2020. These ‘things’ are not general-purpose devices, such as smartphones and PCs, but dedicated-function objects, such as vending machines, jet engines, connected cars, and a myriad of other examples.”

Introducing SureMDM + Aruba ClearPass

SureMDM by 42Gears is a leading unified endpoint management solution. Aruba ClearPass (from Aruba Networks, a California-based wireless networking subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise) is a leader in the network access control space. ClearPass provides agentless visibility and dynamic role-based access control across many wired and wireless networks worldwide. Now, SureMDM has integrated Aruba ClearPass to augment SureMDM’s Network Access Control capabilities.

By integrating with SureMDM, ClearPass will offer heightened endpoint visibility (discovery) and profiling capabilities to SureMDM users.

This will enable businesses to identify a wide range of mobile devices connecting to their network and enforce appropriate policies to ensure that the device security posture is acceptable.

Every time a device is enrolled into SureMDM, the MDM server receives information about key device attributes. These device attributes, in turn, are sent to the Aruba ClearPass server whenever the device wants to connect to the network. At this point, ClearPass enforces network access policies based on this information, making an informed decision on whether or not to grant access. 

What Attributes Does SureMDM Send To The Aruba ClearPass Server?

SureMDM can relay any metric in the SureMDM dashboard’s device grid to the Aruba ClearPass server. This gives admins flexibility in maintaining Network Access Control (NAC).

With the capabilities of SureMDM and ClearPass, organizations will be able to automate crucial security processes. These include device configuration, policy application, and policy enforcement. IT admins who use SureMDM and ClearPass together can eliminate blind spots, minimize IT overhead, and improve the user experience.

While SureMDM will still continue to manage, monitor and secure all endpoints across the business network, Aruba ClearPass will provide advanced network security.

SureMDM + ClearPass Use Cases

SureMDM-ClearPass integration benefits multiple industries. Some of them include:

Healthcare: An increasing number of connected medical devices and apps help hospital administrations manage patient info efficiently. These devices are hubs for data collection and transmission. Moreover, there are hundreds of visitor devices trying to connect to hospital guest networks on a daily basis. If not secured properly, the hospital network could be an entryway to malware, leaving patient info at risk. The SureMDM-ClearPass integration will help the hospital IT admins get advanced insights regarding what devices are connecting, and where they’re connecting from. Thereafter, they can enforce appropriate policies, authenticate devices, and then allow them to access the network. 

Finance: The SureMDM-ClearPass integration offers end-to-end policy enforcement and full mobile and IoT device visibility. This is essential in the highly regulated environments of the finance industry. SureMDM and ClearPass work seamlessly in a mixed vendor environment without disrupting other business processes.

Government and Military: Government and military operations need scalable, secure and agile networks. These users operate in highly regulated environments where security and authentication are key. The SureMDM-ClearPass integration will help maintain high security on these Wi-Fi networks.

In addition, the integration can also help organizations that allow guests (which include contract workers, visitors, partners visiting the organization, and others) to connect to the company network. Aruba ClearPass ensures that these devices have secure access to a guest Wi-Fi network which is separate from the one used by employees.

Thus, SureMDM and ClearPass can together go a long way in detecting emerging threats before they can actually cause any harm. SureMDM always strives to provide best-in-class value to its customers in terms of security and management, and Aruba ClearPass integration reflects that goal. 

Considering taking a zero-touch approach to endpoint security?


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