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Automatic Time Synchronization on Windows Mobile Devices

Dec 16, 2011 | 42Gears Team

A common problem with mobile devices is that their time and date gets out of sync with that of the server or the actual correct time. This can be an issue for applications which use time on the device for their calculation, storage or some logic. Incorrect time can also lead to inconsistency between device and server data which is not desired.

SureMDM provides a very simple solution for this time sync problem. You can apply a Timesync Job to the devices managed by SureMDM and that’s all, all your devices will automatically update their time with that of the server at the specified time intervals.

Here’s how you can set Automatic Time Synchronization on Windows Mobile Devices:

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console

2. Click on the Jobs on the Utility Panel

3. Click on New->Windows Mobile->Nix Agent Settings->OK

4. You get the following screen on your SureMDM Web Console

Synchronize time on mobile devices with SureMDM

Synchronize time on mobile devices with SureMDM

5. Tick the Enable time synchronization with server checkbox and select your preferred Periodicity interval

6. Click OK to save the job

7. Now select your device(s) or a Group of devices and click on Apply to open up the available jobs window

8. Select the Timesync Job you just created and click on OK

Sit back and relax, your device(s) are ready to update time on their own.

To know more about SureMDM, visit

For Free 30 Days Trial, click here.

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